Sunday, April 2, 2017


 Want to make this darling dog? It's easy with Mary Lou's new book!
 It took two weeks and me signing two new contracts with my merchant systems but NOW you can put your credit card into in and it takes it! Imagine. Haha
      This book offersquilt block ideas small to huge fir great quilts. Just take a little imagination and great fabric and you will love the results! Happy and creative! 😊 to order it! 
 I have given out tiaras for three to five day retreats and classes for years. 
I think this beautiful quote says it all!
    If you are coming to our retreat in June, or going to the John C. Campbell class then you are set for a new beautiful tiara. We have lots planned. Hope you are going to join the fun!
My new drinking cup from a friend. Fits in perfect with my studio! Happy and colorful!! These pieces available at Tassuti Zoo in Pacific Grove!  Beautiful and fun!
I bought a wonderful owl
Bag at Tassuti Zoo to carry things on the airplane on the way to Asilomar. Perfect for happy travels! Note the happy doll in my bag from Tassuti Zoo too! She is a sewing doll, of coarse! 

 Here is my sewing doll and she lives my new book and encourages having fun and making a quick and easy quilt!
 My friend Cindy who took my Asilomar story quilt class! Twenty two lovely ladies! So much creativity and so many great stories!
 Sandy Fisher did a story about her Grabdmother who was traditional and how Quilting has changed with Hoochy blocks!! Hee hee. Great quilt!!
 Tina Neppl did a quilt about her husband and his brother and how they loved to surf together  in a memorable spot! Really wonderful!
 This was so artfully done and will be a bed quilt. Sheryl is an amazing quilter and designer. Really pretty with the two darling children in there!
 Nancy is moving and each of her friends created themselves as a chicken. Darling idea and so pretty with the great colors!!
 Above is Carol who is doing a quilt about dancing to 60's music and enjoying wine. She is a widow and wanted good times to be memorialized. It is going to be a fantastic quilt!!
 This is going to be sensational! Who doesn't love Frida Kahlo? Love the flavors of color and fun here!!
 This is my wonderful hostess Lauren. The quilts in the background are some of my new things.  I so enjoyed the sharing in my class! This is what makes a successful quilt! 
 Wendy and Sandy love red and white dots... I wonder why???
 Above is how I looked on the way to Asilomar. I went to breakfast with my friend Mary Lou from high school and I did not see the step! Really clobbered myself! But my black eye was almost gone by the end of the week! Happy people and ocean air! Thank you Lord. 
 Sisters Harriet and Deb by my quilts and blocks. I have been friends with them for a long time. Fun having them close!
If you look
Close you can find some darling blocks from the new book. Quite fun and very creative! 
Again to order it go to:
Stay tuned for more story quilts and lovely photos from Asilomar and things coming up
At Mary Lou's retreat in Spokane Valley. Great fun, great prizes, great girls, great space and great food prepared by Miss Tina from LA. She's got the touch!
Day one we all go to Farm Chicks with tiaras and everyone wants one. There are awesome antiques, collectibles, jewelry, clothes, etc. thousands of people fly in and drive in from all over the US AND CANADA. It is awesome! Hope you can come! Retreat info on my website. Questions?

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