Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More photos for fun! Two openings for retreat

     So this is one of the new things I will be showing at my retreat in Spokane Valley this summer in June. Marylouquiltdesigns.com
I have two Openings.
I also have some great new borders and some new people and animal ideas and always more things to teach about color and which fabrics work best for the most pazazz!
     The retreat is at a classroom next door to my studio! It is spacious and wonderful. The kitchen is attached and we will be going to Farm Chicks the first day. Look
Up Farm Chicks on Google! It is an antique and collectible sale that has been going for years! It is awesome and many people dress up. We will be wearing our tiaras. 
     We will also be going to Coeur d'Alene Idaho to see a great shop there and to the Coeur d'Alene hotel for lunch at dockside and huckleberry milk shakes for those that would love to try them!  The food is grand. Hoping to show you a bit more of Coeur d'Alene! 
Spokane has its beautiful spots too and we'll see a few also.
      We will meet Sunday night for Pizza at Perry Street Pizza. Last year we ordered ten pizzas and it was really fun!! The pizza is amazing! 
      Lots of giveaways and lots of great gals coming. Hope you might be one of them. 
It is always nice to be in magazines and this issue has an article about my self portraits. I will be teaching this in Dallas and a few other places. Will be showing them at the retreat and John C. Campbell as well. They are fun and the point is to make the inner you that day not the outer you! I can make myself blond, a cowgirl, someone with some crazy thing on my head etc. so much fun and so creative! I have lots of ideas!!!
Was working in my studio today getting ready with new samples for workshops. It's nice to open my windows and let the light in as I sew! Good music and fun fabrics make for a lovely day!
Thought I would share the beginnings of more story quilt samples from Asilomar.  We had so much fun and so many good ideas!!!
Each student had a great story and it was so interesting what they chose and how it developed from day to day. 
Grandma and the candy fish above is a fun story.

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