Tuesday, April 25, 2017

(Backup) Empty Spools experience for Mary Lou

 Beautiful flowers everywhere in Pacific Grove California     Flowers and succulents are happy here just like the people!
California Poppies and more
 The ocean views are exciting and beautiful!  
Flowers along the beaches are red red and wonderful!
Even weeds are exciting!

Large sprays of ocean water and smells out there today mixed with flower smells. Delicious!!
Those upper two photos got mixed around. BCk Porch is my favorite quilt shop! Amazing!
Gwen's (Marston) wonderful  work!
Dinner at Peppers with Melinda Bula last night and today at Red
House for lunch with Robyn Hazard and her husband. 😊👍
 My friend Sue sent me a photo of a dog she made from
The new book. Pretty cute I would say!!

I am ending with this photo taken here last month. It is always changing and always lovely. Stay tuned for what I do in my class with Lura Schwartz Smith. Can't wait!


  1. I've missed driving Dow the cast to California and exploring this magical area. You never know when a deer might step out into view. Or see some delightful mailboxes and houses.

    Enjoy your time there. Great photos!

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all those beautiful pictures of California for those of us who might not get a chance to visit - it's lovely!

  3. Hi Mary Lou! What beautiful photos! Melinda Bula is coming to Virginia next year to teach at the Virginia consortium of Quilters big retreat. I hope to take her class. I love her work. Your dinner looked yummy! Kim from Virginia