Monday, December 5, 2011

Grandma Robin's (Pfeffernusse) Peppernuts

So, like everyone this time of year, I like to have things around for guests and family and I found something everyone just LOVES! These little pfeffernusse or peppernuts have a grand gingerbread taste and are a lovely little snack size. They are delicious alone. Served with a soft blue cheese, or one of those cheese tortas with cranberries, or Some lemon curd mixed with soft cream cheese, they are a wonderful treat that everyone raves about. They are made here in my town but you can order them directly from the company. I met these people through my daughter who favors their product for her family.
I used to make cookies with my Grandmother that were pfefferneuse and these take me right back to that time. If you order them, you won't be sorry. They are delicious!
Contact DeeDee at -her address is 11903 South Player Drive-Spokane,WA 99223
Their website is

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