Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Images to Inspire from friends and from me and my camera! Enjoy!

My cousins sent me this photo and I want to make some of these! Aren't they pretty?

I love any kind of creative pillow and this one is beautiful, isn't it?

Can you believe all of the butter this woman eats and cooks with?

Above is Freddy Moran's stash and she has three more besides this....sheesh! Fabric envy!


  1. The fabric stash is enough to inspire, lol.
    Love the hanging ornie, very different.


  2. "First, start with a pound of butter". Yup. Southern cooking through and through.
    Love that felt flowers ornament. Just the right amount of fussy.
    Vicky F

  3. I just love the quilt with the walking girls.