Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SnowFlakes Are Addictive for Quilters- Call Me a Flake

Before I write about doing the snowflakes I love, I had to tell you about these roasted chestnuts and how good they are! If you can't find them on the street then do a google search to make them in your kitchen-they are fun to serve to kids who watch them bake in the oven and then peel them. With some Starbucks hot chocolate and marshmallows they are wonderful. By the way, that hot chocolate is the BEST I have ever ever had.
The block above has a theme of hearts-I started out with an upside down snowman and when they didn't work, I added hearts....
Below I wanted to cute out a woman with a bow in her hair and arms...it was kind of fun

I am always thinking about Maui and what a wonderful place it is for beauty and color. So I was inspired to do the next five snowflakes putting in flowers and leaves-they make pretty cool snowflakes don't they? The third one is ladies with flowers on their heads.... I can't wait to go back and these may become a Hawaian style quilt!

Above, I always loved putting hands in my quilts as I think we often remember people for their hands and what their hands do and in Hawaii we always see people using their hands to tell a story.........kind of like Italians tell a story with their hands only different!
If you wanna give this fun link a try, go to
Please write and tell us how you liked these- it takes a little time to learn how to do the scissors but once that is done, it is totally fun!

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  1. That would be fun to use for designs too. I always get messed up on what parts I can and cannot cut, so when I did them on paper, I had a template with that info on the folded piece, I am directionally forgetful, lol.