Thursday, March 1, 2012

If YOU haven't taken a Mary Lou Class You Don't Know What You Are Missing

The quilt above was made by Laurie Latta. She had many good ideas with the Flower power technique and made it into a Flower Garden story. (ALL with Mary Lou's fabrics too by the way)
De my California friend was working on a story quilt with a flower border and look at the darling flowers and great colors she came up with. These make wonderful borders for story quilts and if you are taking a story quilt class this year, I have new handouts!
I did the quilt above with all kinds of pots and flowers and one crazy and fun bird...color and pattern and whimsy make these wonderful and fun to hang
I wanted to share these pretty Wyoming girls and their flowers from a workshop
A lovely flower and smile too!
The birds and blocks were done at my Story Quilt class in Post Falls Idaho last year by Dawn Tonoli. She did a wonderful and whimsical story about her daughter in law for a gift and in the meantime she worked on this also and was deciding if this would become a border for a story quilt or a quilt in itself....the birds are in the Flower Power book and we work on them in the story quilt classes and on day two of the Flower Power much fun!
Where there are birds, there are bees! Note the pieced leaf on the right of the bees...we discuss stratas and how to make more OOMPH and originality in your quilts as your inner artist comes out to play.
Look at this beautiful and happy group of Flower Power ladies...all different and all so much fun! I LOVE seeing what is invented in this workshop...they are so pretty and whimsical and fun!
The ladies above were at the Museum in LaConner when I taught there. Some of the class had gone home and so I quickly got these girls to pose before anyone else pretty so bright and so happy!
I wanted to show you what my backyard looks like and why I can't wait to do Flowers next week on the Washington State coast! Bring on the bright colors and the fun! All I have to do is make it through the pass as the guild said they didn't know who could pick me up from the airport so I am driving five hours over there. Crossing my fingers.
And finally, thank you to those of you who have signed up for the workshops this year. I heard that we have 18 signed up in West Virginia for the five day story quilt class at Cedar Creek...what fun! I am teaching story quilts in California this summer for Wacky Women,Cedar creek West Virginia in April, Madeline Island in October,
 and finally for my own retreat in Post Falls Idaho in June (we are connecting to the Farm Chicks show in Spokane). My plan is to use some of the old pieces I bought at Farm Chicks last year and to show what you can do for a great story quilt using old embroidery, linens, old fruit tablecloths and fee sacks as well as other pieces....sound cool? It is! Check out my schedule for contacts at


  1. If only it wasn't so far from New Zealand. I have been working on my flower power quilt today. I love looking at what everyone else makes - flowers, birds, insects etc.

  2. Yes - do take a class from Mary Lou - it's too much fun!

  3. I am one of the lucky 18 who will be at Cedar Creek. I have both your books, so have started with ideas for MY story! I can hardly wait.

  4. How fun! I's love to but honestly you are far away :0) is fun to see all those ladies smiling at their creations and I'm all for anything that makes more SMILES. Your books are just delightful and will have to do for now until I can take a class one day.:0)

    Happy Sewing

  5. Hi Mary Lou,

    Thanks for including my bees that were part of our swap through your group. I'm glad I pieced the leaves for that flower that I have in my hand. Your inspiration is so great to be exposed to.

    Looking forward to Post Falls this year.