Saturday, December 15, 2012


Be sure to look at the video on the right when you are done reading is happy and fun.
With unhappy events of the week, I am focusing on happy things to see and digest. I won't be a prisoner of evil when I can be positive, pray for those that need prayer daily, let my mind dwell on good things...If you do not know the verse in the Bible about thinking of good and excellent and happy things, look at this- it is one of my personal "go to" verses that I had to memorize years ago.

Philippians 4:8

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
       This verse will get you alot farther than thinking of sad thoughts we can do nothing about. Just think on the good things and blessings in your own life and how you might bless someone this December with a card, a visit, a cake or cookies, new socks or something that let's them know you care. This is what overcomes evil in the world. Our news sources are only to happy to dwell on the horrific and shocking things to make us tune in. Call a friend to talk about something happy or positive. And if someone wants to talk about tradgedy over and over, you don't need that. Give them the Bible verse and go back to doing something happy.
I bought a Starbucks today and paid for the person's coffee behind me. The young man was so happy I was smiling and positive and tipped him a dollar he looked relieved. I imagine he had heard bad news all day long. He couldn't do anything about it and he was so sweet when I told him I was having a GREAT day and I was blessed to have a cup of his great coffee. Be a light to those you run into, it is so easy.
Don't you love that lady above and this funny horse? I just think they are super duper!
I am going to teach a few of my Grandkids how to take one of their drawings and sew it into a little wallhanging. We will do some raw edge sewing of some drawings they did about Christmas. 
This might be a class I teach for adults...taking a drawing and turning it into a great quilt. SO much fun.
My latest quilts all have houses in them and I taught a class not long ago in plaids and we did about 140 blocks in two days....I wish I had more photos....and then my block swap group did houses and everyone got a little over 20 and we are doing MaryLouVille (Your name here instead) quilts. I am doing a town square, lots of trees and some things in the sky...stay tuned. Houses are so much fun!

I love this and think you could do your own quilt ideas jumping off of this (not copying it) but thinking of your own story and the adventures of getting a tree or something in December...making snowmen?
This is my most wonderful friend from Atlanta, Kathy Collins...she is always positive and knows how to make others happy. Here she is at an art show that had to do with yarn. Wow!
I know sometimes I see people who go to quilt shows and look overwhelmed...this is kind of how I feel about this yard show...I am not sure what to think but it is kind of cool and different!

This cow quilt by my friend Lynne Pennington from Texas makes me very happy. Just the ticket for this time of year!
Be happy and blessed friend. Thank you for coming and visiting and my hope is that you can find something here to make you smile, blessed and inspired today.


  1. Thank you for sharing your good thoughts. Just what I needed.

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for today's inspiration - SO MUCH inspiration! You are right - we need to focus on the positive - there is so much negativity around us, we CAN be a source of kindness. That was so great to make that young man at the coffee house so happy - we can do that too.

    I want to use the verse from Phillipians too as a catalyst to remember to focus on the good.

    Houseville is great - a perfect way to use my scrap pile and recyle it into a whole village. Thank you for your continuing good will and kindess.

    P.S. Love that Christmas Cow!

  3. Thankyou Mary Lou--nice post--I needed that.

  4. Thank you for this post, Mary lifted my heart.

  5. Thanks for the mental boost! Things are such that it is a challenge to stay positive. You provide a great service to everyone by leading in the area of feeling and expressing joy. I think that joy and compassion are not mutually exclusive.

    Cheery wave from Bev!

    P.S. that thingie that you have set on your blogger that makes one try to read a scrambled word and faded number does not contribute to my joy. You might get a lot more comments if you disable it. You can still review before you publish but it's a killer for "old eyes"!

  6. Always smiling when I read your blog. Thanks for lighting up the day. Kindness goes a long way!

  7. That angel is super cute - thanks as always for the inspiration.

  8. I really loved reading your blog today, it was exactly what I wanted to say and I will just send other's to visit you;) We went to the lighthouse and enjoyed a beautiful day and watched the waves.


  9. Thank you ML! I am so glad I stopped by! I wish you could hook your blog up with FB like Bonnie hunter does- I would come by more often. What is that angel thing flying near the ceiling in the yellow room? That is the cheeriest thing. And I am inspired by your houses...

  10. Love the Christmoose cow. Wish I had one ;-)

  11. A good post for a gloomy day both weather and feelings. I have stopped listening to the media and started praying for all those little ones.