Saturday, December 1, 2012

Europe images help with creating new and wonderful art

Europe does such a wonderful job making Christmas a special time. I was lucky enough to see some of the sites, tastes, smells and sounds of both Germany and Switzerland oh, and Austria also. It is fun to go somewhere new and open your eyes and imagination. I have been working on a series of Christmas tree wallhangings to teach based on these types of images and a little invention...hope you enjoy this too!
I have never seen such beautiful ornaments as I did in Germany during the Christmas Season.  I didn't buy ONE ball and I guess it is because #1 they are expensive and #2 I probably would have broken it on the way home. If I go again, which I hope to, I will take lots of bubble wrap. Can you imagine how beautiful their trees were everywhere?
I thought the gold on the balls above is just exquisite! Imagine a lovely tree with these! Maybe Trump has one.  :0)
I especially loved this angel on the side of a large building in downtown Zurich. I look at her often. So pretty.
This tree was in a store window in Zurich...I thought it was wonderful with the little children figures in there....
I got alot of reflection in this photo that was in a store window...I thought it was cute and a good starting place at a story quilt that a family would treasure for many years to come....
This was at the3 train station...I stopped to take a photo and almost got run over by people in a hurry....
On a cold Gernman day while walking around at Christmas booths it is nice to get a nice crepe and something warm to is all part of the fun and charm....the people there are wonderful
I saw this hat and didn't get it, I wish I had...the price tag in the back are Euros....
German treats to eat...the bakeries were our favorite! I loved their coffee also....
Isn't this bakery sign the coolest and would it not be cool on a quilt? I think so!
These snowflakes were hung on all of the streets and when it got dark it was fabulous! Wish we had these here where I live....would love one on my house...
What a darling story quilt this would make and one that could be hung every December or even Fall!
Driends sharing their blessings...I would love this friend because of her polka dot dishes!
Look at this architechture! This is in Switzerland....
This is just one of the dozens of booths-decorated so cute and the pine all smells good in the cold air and everyone is smiling
My Granddaughter in German angel wings I happiest purchase!
Bags of hot roasted chestnuts sold on the streets...I LOVE them and my friend Brenda Asmus makes them every Christmas too...she used to live in Germany
 One of the neatest things is this train in Zurich and Santa drives it (like a maniac) but it is so cute! Wish our city had this....I could hardly snap this photo in time!


  1. Lots of wonderful photos and great inspiration.


  2. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Love the baby's angel wings!

    Cheery wave!


  3. Great images and photos Mary Lou, you must have a huge archive of your photos.

    Your granddaughter looks very angelic in her wings!

  4. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful European pictures of Christmas ornaments, storefronts, paintings and especially the baby angel! I'm afraid the Travel Channel Christmas episodes are as close to visiting Europe as I will get this year. Hmmm.... I can dream, can't I?

    Have you seen the link to Santa Claus live? He really is in Finland! Great video of families visiting Santa to get their pictures taken and a little gift from Santa. So cute to watch the little ones see Santa up close! No pushing and shoving there as an Elf escorts each family into Santa's office. Hope you enjoy!

  5. I've lived in Germany, England, Austria and Russia. Love seeing how other cultures celebrate the holidays. In fact I am making my first Stollen of the season today!

  6. A tip for getting glass ornaments home in one piece: empty (sturdy) egg cartons will do the trick. You can wrap it in bubble wrap afterwards, but the egg cartons can take quite a knock before anything breaks. :)