Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whimsy and Happy Visions Running through my Head

Believe it and it will happen!
Isn't this a cool photo? Love anything with people getting trees to decorate...
This should be something everyone memorizes whether you believe in God or not....it is so true!
Stars are such a happy shape....guess it is because they represent light....
This looks like my old neighbor "Butch" and I am not kidding....
For anyone who is stressed this week and who isn't? Think you  might like these suggestions.....
Hey wouldn't this make a fun quilt?
Hope it snows enough for a good snowman in my yard!
A red truck and a Christmas tree...so beautiful and is that a dog driving? I think it is!
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
It is more fun to read Maxine than to actually know someone grumpy...I wonder why...she always makes me laugh...but if I knew her I don't think she would be as funny....
I son't know why but the cat below just tickles me pink....wonder what she is thinking??? Would love thoughts on what she is thinking....
What kind of cookies are your favorites this month???


  1. Very fun post and we all need to take time to relax and smile.


  2. I like Toffee bars or some call them almond roca cookies. I also like Russian teacakes and Santa whiskers too. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend. Happy holidays to you guys, this will be a special Christmas for you both.

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the great, upifting pictures! The snowmen pictures always make me smile :)

    I love gingerbread cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies too. When I was little (about a million years ago), there used to be gingerbread cookies with a paper picture of Santa glued on top with royal icing - those were the best!

  4. Thanks for spreading the message of joy not sorrow. I think it is a very important message right now.

  5. Love your post today! I saw a sign on Pinterest that I'm going to duplicate if it ever snows here again. It says "Snowmen for Sale - Cheap! Assembly required". Have a great day!

    Cheery wave!

  6. I'm looking out the window and the snow is falling quite heavily, glad I made it to work without problems, wish we could build some snowmen at lunch but it will probably be melting by then.

    I love Palis cookies, a Dutch almost short bread cookie and my mom's almond tarts that have a bit of lemon in them.

    Enjoy the Christmas holidays and may you have snow to build snowmen this year with Mark and the family.

  7. Love your blog! I was feeling quite bahumbuggy this morning, and then I found your blog... I'm now warm and a little fuzzy, too. Thanks!