Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things that Bring Joy and a smile or two....

Aren't the photos of kids crying kind of fun? I took a photo of my daughter when she was two and she didn't want to get off of my lap and I took it while she was screaming and it is kind of fun to show her..... :0)
I think the dog is kind of embarrased...what do you think???
This could be the Weidman snow family...two adults and three about you? I have done a quilt like this with all of us....great fun.
I LOVE bottle trees...this person must either have a drinking problem or they are a bar tender...isn't this cool? Maybe it is ar a restaurant....
This looks like a bachelor snowman.... :0)
These cookies look too delicious to eat!

And finally I am ending with this photo -I think this is beautiful.
Reminds me of my Grandma and my Mom and now I am getting closer..aren't we all?
Someone said you are always the same age in your heart and I think that is so true.
Hope that the Christmas holidays are not getting to you and you are remembering to dance and be happy and patient and share your many blessings...
If you have a warm bed, something to eat in your kitchen, shoes on your feet, a coat, a place to call home, someone to love you (cats and dogs included), and something to laugh at now and then, you are blessed!
Have a wonderful day


  1. What fun photos and I love the last one, has so much truth and emotion in it.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for bringing joy to our morning with these great pictures! Nothing says Christmas quite like little ones screaming on Santa's lap, does it?!!?

    Enjoyed the snow pictures very much. We do have to remember our blessings every day.