Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Blessings AND Flower Power, Spring and Fun Quilt Ideas

Here is the Baby Chick from the book Out of the Box with Easy Blocks!
Vickie Monton took the little Chick from the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book and made this cute Chick! Imagine what a darling baby quilt this would be in soft pretty colors....makes a good Easter quilt too...;0)
BIRDS from the Flower Power book and fun!
 This bird was made in one of my workshops and she used curved piecing....
FLOWER POWER starts wotjhoochy piecing and lets it grow into a large flower garden of fun and color and whimsy....the skies the limit...we will be doing alot of these at John C.Campbell in May and the West Virginia Cedar Creek Retreat and my own retreat in Idaho June 2nd-7th.
The Flower Power quilt above is by Kathy Sandling-isn't she wonderful with color?
Lots of flowers all in one wonderful quilt!
Girls from Flower Power Workshops
Aren't these fun?
White makes a cool background too and added buttons and rick rack once it is done is awesome....
The quilt below is for Laurie Latta's Granddaughter-lovely flowers in a happy quilt...the alphabet instructions are in Out of the Box with Easy Blocks
Laurie Latta made the darling quilt below...all from Flower Power
Flower siwth prints and plaids are awesome...I did not write down whose flowers this is but I love it!
Joan from West Virginia...darling quilt! Shes coming back which makes me so happy!
This might be by Kathy Collins...I am not sure but great heart shapes for fun! These could be in a row as bleeding hearts too-or heart flowers
This is what spring is about- color and happiness...and my fabrics
I saw this wonderful rainbow in Arizona and wanted to share God had His finger making this that cool
And I have posted this photo in past Easter years but had to show it again. I went to Salzburg Germany and they had this egg shop with thousands of hollowed out decorated was incredible. I bought too and they were shells by the time I got home....sigh

And for fun I thought I would end this with Carol Simpson's happy work. She did this darling cat quilt and used the cats from the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks fun and so funky.... 
These are darling quilts she made for each daughter and she used the Princess Idea for each and put her own spin on it...isn't she wonderful? Taking an idea and making it your own is what I love to see!

SORRY MN quilters I won't be visitng you this year in June...I think you are too traditional for me I am sorry to say. I do love it there and think I fit in when I come to visit.
I love this time of year and the wonderful colors that God provides us. Count your many blessing and be a blessing to someone else. This is the true secret of happiness.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and many blessings.
    I started cleaning today, figured I would get a head start on the jobs I tend to forget;)


  2. Thank you for all the lovely flower inspirations today and the cute ballerinas! I have admired Kathy Sandling's Flower Power quilt from the first time I saw it - thank you for sharing it again!!!

    Best of all, the Easter inspirations - the pretty eggs from Austria - so pretty - so sorry yours did not survive the trip home.

    Wishing you and your family many blessings for Easter!