Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farm Chicks, Artfest and Story Quilts in Idaho and COWS that are MOOving....

Here is the Farm Chicks Poster for this year. So cute!
So for my Idaho retreat, we will be attending this on Sunday when it opens. Girls will be bring their cutest aprons and I will hand out real tiaras for fun. Alot of people dress up like Cowgirls, in vintage dresses and outfits, and other cute clothing. Last year we were asked to have our photos taken for different blogs...what fun. If you don't want to dress up no problem. But it is fun.
This is the show that has fab things for sale....pils and piles of old linens, old tablecloths, old flags and loads of old things that you could use in and on quilts. I buy jewelry there and some collectibles I like. There are people from ALL over the US selling things and you will want to bring your camera as the booths are adorable and give you lots of ideas for your house, your porch and your garden. Many of the girls who flew in from California this year are driving up so they can take stuff home in their trucks. I know of at least five from California and two from Southern Idaho who are driving after seeing it last year. Others ship things home. It is a huge highlight to attend.
    Then after this we will go to Artfest in downtown Spokane- an historic area called Brown's Additon. Old lovely houses and a huge beautiful park filled with juried artists who have fabulous stuff. I bought more than I should have last year and can't wait until this year. They have fab jewelry, yard art, paintings, pottery (awesome), steam punk, clocks (Tina and I both bought one last year and lots more.
     Then in Post Falls where the art center is, we can check in before 3pm to dump our stuff off. Post Falls Days is that day too so there is lots to see in Idaho.
    We will all meet at a great Mexican food restaurant and introduce ourselves.
    Tina will be coming to cook for us again this year (all meals) and you will love her food. This year we are doing a little french theme and I have some little gifts that are French and some nice surprises. Fairy gifts will also be a part of the week with the students.
    We will also be going to a local (and good) quilt shop.
    I am sending an itinerary this week to all who have signed up.
Great fun, great food, new friends and awesome quilts.
And now some COW photos from Back Porch show- Pattern is in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book...please make a cow so we can show it off like Wendy did below!
     Would love to have YOU join us!
Above Mary Lynn visits the show and bring in her positive energy!
Above these adorable girls came to the book signing where we gave out Black Cow fun-Mel thinks of all of the good stuff to go along with signing....
Here I am with Latte, ready to sign books and have fun! I DO love each and every cow! SO SO much fun!
Make a cow from the book or one in one of my longer workshops...they are so much fun!


  1. Hi!!! That is a cute poster!!!! I hope I can make it to one of your classes someday!!! Sounds like you all have lots of fun!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful show and lots of fun. Do take lots of photos to share with us.


  3. Oooh Mary Lou - it looks like so much fun at your workshops! I so wish I could join you, but I can't leave my Aunt now.

    Sigh... someday. As one of your sidebar entries says, we're never too old to have a new dream. Your workshop is my new dream.

  4. Hooray! Can't wait to see you at the show! xxoo, Serena (The Farm Chicks)

  5. Wow Mary Lou, how many cow quilts do you have on display? They all look great in this venue. You look happy and relaxed and ready for your latte girl!