Sunday, March 24, 2013

Retreat Photos from Years Past-Making Friends and Enjoying the Process

I just HAD to share this. Janice S. who took a five day workshop from me decided to do her friend Ann from Denmark (she also took my class). This is how it looks today and her sense of color and whimsy is wonderful! See why we love these story quilts so much? I would love to own this and put it on my wall! Just wait until it is quilted! Awesome job Janice!
Above is Tina's buy from Artfest in Spokane the day before the retreats...I also bought a clock...note the cow in the lower corner by Judy-she is driving up (again) with her sister Kathy from Pacific Grove...they bought some great things last year too and got many ideas from Farm Chicks and other fun!
Above is Sandy's trps with her Mother over Hill and Over fun-she is coming back this year and I am sure it will be done and quilted..can't wait to see it!Keep scrolling and you will see how it is coming along!
Thought I would show you some brief photos of the Idaho retreat I host every summer. I have lots of photos of blocks we do every year with new handouts for new things and new ideas.  Such fun to push the boundaries...even if you use traditional colors!
Who would have thought of a black flower? I love this and Sandy Fisher thought of it! She is coming back this year with a vehicle so she can bring home treasures from Farm Chicks, the quilt shop and ArtFest. :0)
Below, Val shows off a bunny she cut out! no drawing just cut....
Tina's vegie tray
Here are three of Judy's cows for her story....this year she is coming back to finish it...can't wait. She has two to finish....but who is counting? :0)
A finished wonky flying geese....
Below is the beginning of a story quilt by Charlotte about her husband painting and a relative playing the sax along...very fun story and awesome her colors....Charlotte and her sister Laura (the bunny sisters) have both done many many story wonderful for the history and for their family...
A quilt all ready for its story....
Sue White does a story quilt of her house being built and her children and husband are now appliqued onto the top of is awesome and shows the beauty of where she lives in Idaho
here is Sandy's quilt which you saw earlier and look how it has progressed...these are so much fun!
Wonderful chicken salad on whole whear...delicious
Below, borders built and stories the ground in the one closest here so fun!
Chicken salad...
Dawn's birds....loved being with talented Dawn....
Linette conquers the hoochy block
Dawn's border all ready for her drawing (below) of her daughter in law...
Another adorable many smiles in this class!
Working like busy bees...great light and room for everyone here. I keep the numbers low so we can accomplish new things as they come fun
Playful blocks and flowers and bees and birds and hearts...
Dawn's drawing to go on her fun
Desserts are served on our mascot girl...she has been at every retreat serving up good stuff and a smile
Houses and flowers and....
This is the beginning of Diane's farm quilt which now includes a wonderful bird bath and of the wonderful things about this retreat is we learn alot from each other and everyone comes from somewhere else in the country!
Laurie's salads and hot rolls and cookies and good stuff 
A border waiting as the picture is drawn....
Ruben sandwiches......
trying to stay out of the rain!
The bottom of Dawn's terrific daughter in law quilt...I have no idea why I didn't take the head with it's darling hat!
Alphabets and lettering for chuckles and serious sentiments too
Wendy's pretty smile (she is returning this year from Southern California...
Sandy Appleby who finished this quilt about Italy and won a first prize at her guild (I don't have a photo of the finished quilt that I can find (I have 22,000 photos on my computer
We always start out the retreat with dinner at a good Mexican we do this following a day at Farm Chicks and ArtFest in Spokane
here is the huge sign you are greeted with
Americana is a big theme and lots of clothing that are on people mirror this...and cowgirls and vintage clothing and us in our Aprons and tiaras....
Sandy did these wonderful pieced letters for her wonderful cow quilt!
Huckleberry shakes....a treat of this region....
There are so many cool pieces of furniture there and alot of them holding cool stuff like this one....
Hundreds of old tablecloths and linens for great prices...old flags, rugs, pillows....
Recovered furniture...repainted furniture...great stuff and awesome ideas...
Old game pieces, typewriter keys and awesome stuff!
Pillows, old quilts, old quilt pieces and lots of repurposed stuff that you think "wow, why didn't I think of that!?"
:ots and lots of cool jewelry, scrarves, tops cowboy boots, hats-little lamps,old chennille bedspreads....kitchenware from the 40's and 50's...
    Anyhow this is what I could find today in my vast photo library....hope you come and join the fun. We have two spots left ...only. Would love to have you come and join the fun with all of us!


  1. Oh some day I want to be a part of such a fun experience! Love the folk art clock and mascot serving cake stand too!

  2. It is fun to see a design develop into a beautiful and fun quilt that brings smiles to the memories that created it.


  3. Oh my Mary Lou, thanks for the lovely pictures but I've been slow to finish my appliqué. I've decided to add a bit more to my road trip quilt and do the quilting myself...maybe it will be done by the time I return in June.

    I'm looking forwar to the art festival and farm chicks events and seeing everyone from Southern California and other points south of me.

    My plan is to bring my previous swap blocks and get them sewn together.

    See you in June!

  4. That sounds like a perfect week. I am putting it on my bucket list. We are moving to southern Oregon next year-so, I might just make it!