Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Atlanta and Flower Power and funny Out of the Box Outfits!

This is a photo of my two hostess's in Atlanta...land of sunshine and Peachtree Drive (or is it street?)  Barb and Deb were both so very very nice and they co-chaired the vice-president spot...isn't that a great idea. These two were organized, polite and loved thier fellow members of the guild...isn't that great?
I had my first cheese grits and shrimp and was it ever good! LOVED how it tasted and I noticed that a trend in Atlanta was farm to restaurant foods. When I went to Bozeman they said this has always been the trend there...I think there are lots of farms in Montana.
Gwinnett guild really make me smile in that if a cell phone goes off, then that person pays one dollar to the guild. Wish all guilds did this and they make sure they pay!
The weather was in the 80's and humid but so nice to feel that sunshine! People are so friendly in the South and nice to each other and I was happy that some of the girls drank lattes and coffee. It makes my day go so much smoother.
Got to see Margaret Mitchell's house and learned she got hit by a car in front of it...what a way to go. Beautiful home!
The Chick and flower are out of Out of the Box with Easy Blocks...the patterns are inside. I am hoping these girls will do a cow....there are NO Southern type cows and there has to be a bunch! Any ideas?
Here was my nice class and they did lots in ONE day....really one day is not enough to get to the flowers and birds, and butterflies and flying geese and hearts and other fun things and when there is a two day class people come the second day and say "it really clicked and I can sew like the wind now! And they do.
The nice thing with this class is that the girl who was the beginner did as well as the others. Love this about this technique!
In the newsletter the ladies were invited to dress out of the box...the photo does not show it but the first lady had alligators on her feet...now that is out of the box!
It is amazing what just a tshirt can do to change you! Or fairy wings....
Ice Cream Cones anyone???
Alligator slippers!
Isn't she Out of the Box???
Love how you can take a pattern and it looks totally different with fabric choices!
The girls took me to IN-Town Quilt which is a good fabric store (quilt shop) that I always buy lots ofrom and then they took me to the Scarlet Thread (or something like that) and wow, the choices and color and full line of fabrics were quite something! I bought alot there too! Do I need fabric? No but I can't help myself!
For lunch the girls went and got me chicken strips from Chick Fillet and a nice green salad. Boy the chicken there was good! Salad too....I am trying to cut out most meat and eat lots of greens...I ate bread this past week but alot of really good things too...and friend pickles that were delish...not saying if they were healthy.
This cow is from an artist named Terry Powell and he really has a handle on out of the box! Hope you are thinking of doing a cow to have travel....we have some good ones no one has seen!
I am going off soon to West Virgina and then other places and hope to meet you there.
Tomorrow is the sign up for Asilomar classes next year...emptyspoolsseminars.com
If you want to take a class from me, put down ONE choice (only) and you will get in...it is kind of a trade secret. :0)
I still have those two openings for my retreat and I got an order from Ohio for a present for everyone and I ordered a couple of cool things from California this week. Got some fabric from a fab quilt company and have some other nice surprises too.
Great fun and Tina is making her menus for great food.
Farm Chicks sent me a note about all that is going on this year for their anqitue and collectible show and Artfest downtown is supposed to be the best it has ever been!
I hope to take LOTS of photos.
Hope you can join our great girls!
I saw this painting and it reminded me of Flower Power quilts!
Have a great week ladies!


  1. Love the house quilts, that is a fun design.


  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the fun you had with the ladies from the Atlanta group!

    Love that they wore "Out of the Box" clothes to quilt in - what a hoot!

    Thank you for all the morning inspiration!

  3. I have an idea for a "Cow" quilt and have drawn the design-where are the rules, etc. for size, deadline, and where to send?

  4. I like how the ladies dressed out of the box for you Mary Lou. Looks like they were a lovely creative group of ladies.

    The cow and flower paintings are lovely very inspirational as always.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  5. Is Kansas City, Missouri or Overland Park, Kansas area on your list for workshops yet?