Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mary Lou's Swap Group and Other NICE Things

I had to show the watering cans from my block swap group which is now full. I am giving out patterns in my longer five day workshops for those people who love to do free and easy piecing. Some of my shorter classes are based on these fun things too.  The neat thing about trading is that once we swap, alot of great quilts happen!
Diane from Nebraska did these wonderful watering cans and 14 other gals are doing them including me. Such fun! I am almost done with mine too and can't wait to do a garden or something fun with flowers and these!
My cousin sent this to me with the caption "IT's a miracle!"
It not meant to poke fun at anyone it is just silly.
    My friend Pam said that her husband says this is how he feels at quilt shows and that women in wheelchairs will suddenly arise and buy fabric while walking and standing... Like I said, it is not meant to put down anyone with serious health issues _I have had these myself with my back....this was just sort of funny and I knew you would get it too....
Many people have talked about making smaller cows and these are cows that Mari Linfesty made long ago...aren't they fun?
This quilt is a good example of what we do with our swapped blocks...isn't this quilt by Pam Toombs great? She took her fish blocks and made good use of them....
We swapped Christmas ornaments and many people made trees with them...I loved this idea....
I have had this lovely photo on my blog before but it is spring (it's coming I "think") and it is so beautiful....I feel like this with my little kiddies....
How is this for a darling watering can? We are doing flowers next....will be so nice to pair them with the cans....


  1. Those are really fun blocks for a swap, as well as the others.


  2. Love Pam's fish quilt!! Thanks Mary Lou for all your inspiration. And, FUN!!

  3. Thank you Mary Lou for all the inspiration today! The watering cans look like they were a fun project. Hmm... watering cans, April showers - can the flower be far behind?

  4. How sweet of you to include my watering cans, Mary Lou! Thank you!