Monday, April 8, 2013

Cattle Herd Call...HOPING You Are Working on a COW WE CAN SHOW!

This is my cow called COW TOWN....we are making lists for the cow show at AQS in IOWA this Fall and we are hoping you have a cow you are working on that we don't know about. If you do, would you please write me and tell me about it and if possible, send a photo? The Cow Show has been at Back Porch Quilt Shop and we are discussing showing them off at other quilt shops as Back Porch has sold many books with the pattern for their local girls to do their own cow herd. I am making number six now for the fun of it and I think Mel is on number seven...they are easy and you can put one together in 2 1/2 hours easily. Then you add the fun stuff.
The pattern for the cow is in the book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" and I hope you and your quilting friends do this together because they are so much fun!
This is the cow that started it all and below is the Cowafornia quilt that everyone loves so much by Sue Cresse
And Below is a quilt by Pam Toombs who does great work too!
Cows some with all kinds of themes and sizes...they are so much fun!
    HEY! What about
MOOshu Beef
Any more suggestions or ideas for cows?


  1. I got to see the ones at the store, Back Porch Fabrics, on Paulette's blog, so many fun pieces.


  2. I get such a kick out of seeing all the cows. I have your books and one is in my future. Perhaps I should put it on the top of my list. We raise in Texas for crying out loud. It's not like I lack for inspiration..they are EVERYWHERE...ha! My plan was to do one 'top secret' for dear hubby!! I have a few ideas/sayings mulling around in my mind.

    Your books/works are so inspiring!!