Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Many Hats of Mary Lou's Son, My Magican Cousin Handsome Jack and Things that Make me ME!

Last week my dearest son turned 40...I cannot figure out how I can be so young and have a 40 year old son! My daughter in law who is creative made these birthday centerpieces for him....Very fun!
Luckily for her, he likes to try on hats to be funny....he is such a NICE guy and so commited to her and his kids...
Here is a normal photo of he and his cute
When I was growing up, my Dad owned mobile home sales and he took on lots of little trailers too and sold them...we always had a trailer at the lake...I love any kind of image of these and never got any of the great fabric out there with trailers because they have never been in a shop that I was at...
I love this photo because my cousin "Handsome Jack (in the middle) works at the Magic Factory and is a professional Magician and friends with Penn and Teller....I think he is wonderful and I think they are great too! His girlfriend is a she must be wonderful!
I saw this recipe and tried it though I only ate a little as I am trying to lose a little weight....this is Bree cheese and raspberry preserves grilled....with a little aioli, it is nervana.....
I saw this flashlight and remembered when I was a kid I had a light that made different designs and that I would hide under my covers so I could play at night when everyone else was sleeping....very fun!
I do not know whose this is, but I want it!
I have always always love two and white polka dots and red and white husbands friend used to tell me I always looked like an Italian restaurant table...These combinations make suce pretty decor and quilts too! Don't you think???
I ran into this photo and it is simply a little night stand that someone changed and made into a little kitchen...I would like this in my studio just for fun! LOVE it!
This is an image that is not mine but I saw it online and it is such a good example of what one might do with gingham that I wanted to share. I believe this must be in a book that C&T published. Darling!
I thought this was funny because it is something everyone can smile at.....

Had to share this quilt again and though I know who did this, I am having a senior moment and can't bring it out of my head....if you know, please write me though it will probaby dawn on me as soon as I go to do dishes or buy groceries...You know how I feel? Drives me crazy. :0)
Hope your day is a happy one and that you love learning what you have always loved and keep up with it.
My Grandchildren call me "MIMI" and when they were in Calgary Alberta a couple of weeks ago they ran into this restaurant and were thrilled to see it is called MIMI's. :0)


  1. Love a man who is not afraid to be photographed in a funny hat... you raised him right! Congrats.

  2. The birthday decorations are so fun, I guess your fun nature rubbed off on the kids.


  3. Many happy returns to you son, I too can't image you have a forty year old!

    Udderly moosical is great, thanks for sharing the photo.

    I love those old trailer shapes have you seen the glanping fabric that is available now? I was tempted to get some but didn't.

    The summer before I started grade twelve my dad lived outside of Kelowna B.C. In a twenty-two foot Terry trailer my mom brother and I spent two summers ther by the lake. Great memories, maybe another story quilt in my future.

  4. Your son was born in a good year and a great month. ..I turned 40 on Tuesday! You're a great mom:-D

  5. Thank you, Mary Lou, for so many happy inspirations for today!

    Happy Birthday to your son! My niece just turned 34 - don't know how that happened?!? She was sitting in my lap just a minute ago ... sigh....

  6. Love reading your blog. It is always so interesting and makes me smile. The cow quilt is mine, by the way. Thanks for sharing it. Wish I could get busy and get it quilted!