Monday, November 11, 2013

Isn't this guy funny? And Thanks for simple things

Thought this was quite funny too.
I am driving to Seattle tomorrow for the Quilter's Annon. guild. I will be lecturing tomorrow night and Wed. morning and hopefully going to Molbacks that afternoon and then to Anthony's with my flight attendant friend Susan who is one of my "Cupcake" friends.
I have so much to be thankful for today and one of the things that I treasure most is my kids. It is a fine thing when your kids grow up to be compassionate. I enjoy seeing their kindness in daily life. This is riches to me.
Got nice letters this week from friends who are making cows, planning story quilts and doing things with their hands. Mel is making handmade Christmas cards for her 90 yr old Mother to send to friends. Isn't this sweet?
Doing things to give is always a good idea. My 12 yr old Granddaughter wants a sewing machine to make clothing and pillows for her room with. She asked for fabric also. I have an old machine her Mom started out with that I will pass along for now. I think she is more the Amy Butler kind of girl than the wilder stuff I do and that is OK because I think as she sews she will see the value of what I do.
It seems the boys in the family "get it" more than the girls...although my Granddaughter who is named after me has gotten it since the beginning. Isn't that funny?
Count your many blessings this week. Not the least of them are friends and something to eat and a warm bed and little things like handcream or a mirror. I have always loved soap that smells good ever since we used to go to motels and we got that Garden Bouquet soap. Remember that?
Hug someone and tell them you care and it will bless both of you.
I will be coming home on Friday and posting photos I take in Seattle. I hope to bring some salmon home to Mark who is keeping the home fires burning.
Have a wonderful week


  1. what a SWEET post Marylou! THANKFUL.

  2. Love and Prayers headed your way...have a great week; let your friends love on you!