Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you Missed the Lancaster AQS show, you missed a lot!

The quilt below was fused with many pieces and wonderful floral quilting stitches!
The quilt below from Germany got best color! It has 24000 teeny Swarovski crystals on it and the quilting was just fabulous. It had a lot of painted pieces in it also. Fabulous!

Look at the color switches! Wonderful

Check out all of the hand painting on this and the fabulous quilting!
Just so beautiful in person

Below is a quilt by Robbi Eklow
The quilt below was outstanding for so many reasons. Quilting and points and appliqué. I judged the show with two other quilters and it was very tough!

Karen Kay Buckley was one of the quilt artists that made this awesome quilt. The quilt stitches were made into a plaid pattern! Beautiful with gold threads!
Look at the detail!

If you missed the Lancaster show you missed a lot!!! My camera blurs out the cards sometimes and I have no record of who did these but I know many of you will recognize these artists! Wonderful shop and glad I got to judge again. I am blessed
Thought I would share my new boyfriend. He is a strong silent type. Kept giving me the cold shoulder but I could see he liked me deep down.
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  1. This was amazing! Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. I am a new subscriber to your blog because I needed to add more fun and joy to my quilting. Isn't that what it is supposed to be about anyway?

  2. I so enjoyed meeting you in Lancaster!! It was a definite hi-light to my week! The quilts in Lancaster were stunners-- my favourites though were the antique ones on display.. there was one with kind of a Gees Bend appeal that I could have snatched to be my own-- I loved it that much!