Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kennewick Washington's Quilt show and Happy Spring!!!

HAPPY SPRING ! Who ever guessed you would have a happy Snowgirl welcoming you? Hee hee

Isn't this funny? I can so smell these wonderful crayons! When I was in grade school my Dad gave my brother and I $5. At the beginning of a two week trip to South Dakota and Yellowstone Park. I bought crayons and paper every single year to draw In the car. I loved it. Then with my leftover money I bought a small Indian doll (Native.) I always wished I had been born Native. ☺️ lots of drawings of animals and Indians, horses and Cowboys. 
        Isn't it great that we can remember things from our childhood that made us who we are today? Love learning about what makes me tick. 😉
          This coming weekend I will be giving two lectures and showing my quilts to the quilters In Tri Cities Washington (Kennewick.) this is 2 & 1/2 hours South of Spokane. Many many talented quilters live there and the show is always wonderful. The show is at the convention center by the Red Lion and it is all day Friday and Saturday. I will be bringing a lot of books and fabric and new MaryLooney pins.  Hope to see you there and tell you something about being more creative and Out of the Box! I will have some cow quilts with me too! 
Frida Kahlo will be there (by Susan Typpi).
My hippie quilt is packed and ready to go.
Quilts are always more fun in person and these are large with many beads and details. Hope to see you There!


  1. Such fun quilts and happy pieces, we need that with all this snow.


  2. Ahhh..... there's nothing like the smell of Crayolas to turn everyone into five-year-olds!!

    Yep - we had our Spring Snow here on Friday, but didn't see anything as cute as that tumbled-over snowchild! How cute is that???

    Thank you, Mary Lou, for the flower power reminder that Spring really is on it's way!