Monday, March 30, 2015

Mary Lou Christmas, Cows ! And Aunts by Mary Lou

I love Christmas and everything it stands for. I will be teaching a Christmas class at Asilomar next year (2016) so I have started working on new and happy designs. So fun!
It was fun having room to hang both quilts featuring Christmas themes. 😉
Below is one of my favorite cows by Susan Typpi. Kowhman Miranda is so clever. Amazing in person!
Butch from Colfax Wa made this great quilt. Everyone loved this quilt!
Pat from Texas has done two cows that are both great. This hung in cattle country and many women loved what Butch and Pat did. Fun to hear comments.
Sandy from Southern California had many people smiling at the cork udders and great details on the Vino quilt 
I did the Psycowdelic cow - fun to add many beads and buttons and crystals!
Susan Typpi did it again with the mola we bought in Panama. She is so creative!

Many of you have seen my Aunts quilt! I love this because they were great women- all loved and all good pie bakers!
Below Aunt Bess was my favorite- very fun and loving

Maybe you have family members to
Put into quilts - it sure is fun!


  1. Christmas and cows and Aunts, oh my!!! Thank you for sharing all the great photos today Mary Lou! I really appreciate the close-ups of the Christmas quilts - so cute! The second (third?) time through I saw the little yo-yo clown ornament on the tree. That was so great - have to get to making some yo-yos now.

  2. I Love Cowlamity Jane! and I miss our little visits to Colfax, Washington since our daughter graduated from WSU! Cute little town!

  3. Pie makers and hat wearers, I guess. Cute quilts - thanks for sharing them. I always get a chuckle from your posts.

  4. Love the Frieda Kahlo quilt, those eyebrows are amazing along with the lips. Always fun to see new cow quilts and visit the old.

    Your Chrismas tree has such wonderful details as does your aunties quilt.