Friday, November 25, 2011

Images to Inspire you towards Christmas Quilts-Channkah too

I took this photo in Switzerland when I went to Europe for Bernina and took side trips with other designers. Somehow this Santa Poster just makes me smile and would be such a great quilt! He looks to me like what the real Santa would look like. A Santa that loves all children of the world no matter what color, or religion they are. Who doesn't love all children?
I have a whole slew of Christmas photos in my files and I wanted to load some of them on here to inspire you to maybe start a story quilt with a Christmas theme and work on it throughout the is such a nice theme - family together, love, sharing with friends, joy of cooking, joy of decorating, all of the colors and the sounds of the music and the smells of things coming out of the oven. How blessed one can be even with very little. A hot cup of tea, a cookie or candy, some Christmas music or a sentimental movie and a heart that is thankful. This is a tough year for me having lost many relatives that meant alot to me for the holidays. They can't be replaced but I can find joy in what God puts in front of me and you can too. :0)


  1. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I am beginning to get into the Christmas spirit with all the ornaments arriving at my house.

  2. I have been working on christmas for a few months and I still won't get it all done, lol. I got a book with a stocking quilt, that will have to be for next year.