Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Christmas Season as we begin the color, excitment and quilting, painting ideas!

Several years ago I was in Las Vegas where I was supposed to connect on a plane to my city. It snowed hard there and you would have thought an alien spaceship landed or something because everyone there was in a dither on how to drive,whether the sky was falling and they canceled all flights. Two days later they got the flights out but my own city was snowed in and not letting planes land so I was stuck another two days. I took a taxi downtown and bought clean pj's since I didn't have my suitcases, and  some clean underwear, a sweatshirt and new make up and a pile of magazines. Because of boredom, I went to the casino's and took dozens and dozens of photos. There were the MOST beautiful poinsettias I have ever seen and display after display. Each casino had a huge expensive display of toys, presents, glitter, sparkle, bows, nutcrackers, ornaments, trees, icycles,snowmen, children, animals of every kind (HUGE) and they were beautiful but no representation of what Christmas stands for (a Birthday of our Savior) anywhere.
I came home with beautiful photos and a sense of sadness that somehow this country of ours that says so much about diversity cannot even mention the word Jesus anywhere lest they offend someone. I don't get it and I guess I never will.
So, this Christmas I hope more people will say "Merry Christmas" and not "happy holidays"  because honestly without Christmas the excitement of all of the things people decorate with would not be. I am only too happy to say "Happy Hannakah" to my Jewish friends and to delight in the silvers and blues and dreidels and beautiful menorrahs and latkahs and all of the other things that make this wonderful. Can't we all just accept one another on an appreciation level as we honor our friends and neighbors and hope they will do the same?
So, anyway, the Christmas Season begins now and tomorrow we will put up our tree and wish each other a happy Christmas season with everyone we love both family and friends. One never knows if this is our last Christmas or not and so it is nice to make it memorable for everyone and to remember why Christmas comes to visit us once a year.


  1. Here, Here!! WEll Said!!!
    Merry Christmas Season Mary Lou!

  2. Merry Christmas Mary Lou! Thanks for the reminder...

  3. You will never catch me saying "happy holidays" - we don't say that in Australia! The word "holiday" means "vacation" for us! And you will never see me write Xmas; as if taking the word "Christ" out of the day will change the truth!

    My husband got into trouble a couple of years ago for objecting to a Christmas tree being called a holiday tree - it is a Christmas tree; no matter what one believes! We only put them up for Christmas! PC is getting out of control!

    Enough of the rant: I wish you and yours a happy and holy Christmas.

  4. my heartbreak is watching Hallmark and other good movies this Christmas. None try to bring Christ into Christmas, it is awful how they try to bring Santa Claus back to Christmas. I like Santa but my painted rocks for display this year show animals singing carols or reading from the Bible about the birth. Merry Christmas from foxtrotmom (horse breeder and rock artist)