Sunday, November 13, 2011

Roxanne's shop in Carpinteria on Maple a Delight to visit and enjoy

Here is a wall at Roxann'es quilt shop that makes any quilt look sensational! Such fun and such great stuff to buy!
 I love dots and this wall was so pretty....
 I didn't think I like this color pink until I saw this darling wall and the place I got to sign books- "order please-ONE MALT and a Cherry Coke plus a Huge plate of fries and catsup!" And...."where is that book about dieting"
One friend that stopped by to say "hello" told me "the good old days are back when I come and shop at Roxannes! I totally understand what she was heart was happy the entire time I was there and Roxanne, is thoughtful and kind and has great friends and a darling daughter who works there.
The jewelry is something else with positive sayings and Roxanne's special little angel in some of them, I bought some nice things to wear as I many happy things in this shop and so many nice gift ideas too
A close look shows my friend Wendy Price's tags for quilts here....if you don't have them you should-they are darling tags to sew onto your quilts. They are called Tag-It-On. And below are beaded fish...always fun and colorful!
This is thankful Month as you all know and I encourage everyone to keep a journal of at least ten to fifteen things you are thankful for each day. This makes any artist more aware and gives you new insite on how blessed you are in your everyday life. I am happier with a simple cracker and some tea than I am with a banquet....a little music, some wheat crackers, photos of loved ones and friends, some fat quarters, flowers and hand cream make me giddy. Today I am most thankful for a warm home, beautiful leaves on my lawn, a nice husband who never complains about his trips to the airport, beef stew on my stove, berry pie, warm socks, a nice blanket on my bed, the color turquoise, the smell of the cold air, dear quilting friends I meet on the road, someone who laughs, a nice cousin named Linda Georgeson Gates, a car to get me where I need to go and most of all today SLEEP-
Tomorrow I give away fabric packets to four lucky people who posted comments and belong to my followers list here


  1. I love all the color and the walls, what a fun shop and really creative use of color and space.


  2. It's not Treasure Hunt anymore? Looks fabulous. I must drive out there. Wish I had known you were so close!

  3. I was at Roxannes last month and it was wonderful then. I have to say, it is looking even BETTER now! The story quilts look so terrific against the lime green wall. How about doing a class there? It's not too far for me to drive! Donna

  4. What a lovely place to visit!

    Today I am grateful that we have air-con and we can afford to run it; it's hot and very windy outside so I can't open the windows (therefore I need the air-con)!

  5. This is a lovely post, Mary Lou. Counting our blessings and giving thanks, so so important, yet we sometimes forget. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving that will soon be here.
    Connie (formerly "cootie bug")

  6. Hi Mary Lou,
    What a cool shop! So colorful and fun...wish I lived a little closer to the West Coast so I could check it out in person! Vicky F

  7. What a fun quilt shop. Sew much eye candy every where you look. It would be a great place to shop.

    I am thankful for a great family and the fact that I am finally getting over this cold!

  8. Oh, I sure wish I were close to there! It looks to be a fabulously wonderful delight to shop there!

  9. What a darling shop! I want to visit it!!

  10. Wow, Mary Lou...what a nice story about your trip to our new store! Thank you for your kindness, and your very special visit, you brought joy to us all. I hope you can come back and teach us all to do a great story quilt about life's adventures, large and small. xo, Roxanne