Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quilt Market 2011 Provides nice friends and beautiful quilts!

This hippie was a Texas trims salesman from Tx....a very nice guy with a shirt of all Tx teams...Mary Lou and Mel grab him for a photo.....
Cool quilt- I love anything with fruit!
And I like anything with flowers
And I like color and weird shapes!
Above Jennifer Sampou is back and designing and lives in Mexico for now and had wonderful fun color in her booth and milagros around her neck and a fun attitude! Pretty cool right?
Hey lucky me, I ran into Susan-here is her info-she writes a great blog and is so NICE and she is a great quilter too!  http://wwwbluemoonriver.blogspot.com/ Susan Brubaker...
Love outhouses because they remind me of times when I was little visiting my Grandparents and their friends in Canada....
I adore any quilt that this lady does.....it kind of reminds me of my stuff only her is her style...she is a great story teller isn't she? So happy, so free and so colorful. Wish she lived next door. I think her name is something like Bodi Gardner.....
This reminded me of my grandsons....it doesn't look like them but it is three boys....boys are so special. Loved this quilt.
I leave for MN at 5am in the morning so I won't be adding anything for a few days until I get back home. I plan on alot of nice people this week and my hotel is across from the Mall of America so I get new underwear. I think that is all I bought the last time...pretty funny.
This is Thankful Month. Think about your many blessings and consider have a little gratitude notebook around. The more you are thankful, the more you realize how many actualy blessings you have. We are blessed to be a blessing. if you are ignoring this, you are only hurting yourself. Want to be a better artist and more important, a better person, try the gratitude journal. All good artists know this is the secret....those that are thankful for their gifts, receive more.
Please check out "Mary Lou and Cherries Too" for more photos and info on two great retreats that I am doing next year!


  1. Whimsical quilts, love all the colour.

    My memories of outhouses were in National Parks where you could smell the outhouse before getting to them.

    Deep breathe, do you thing and get out of there!

    Glad you had better memories of them, do love the moon and star on the doors of them though.

  2. Enjoyed seeing the photos and that is a wonderful photo of you and Susan.


  3. Ooo! A whole month of thankfulness instead of one day! What a great idea!

    I agree. We are blessed to be a blessing (how can w3e say otherwise?)

  4. Hi Mary Lou! We met years ago in Fort Myers, FL where you taught at a workshop. I've included a link to you in my blog today and wanted you to take a look.
    Happy to find your blog!
    Love, Peace and all that good stuff,