Monday, November 21, 2011

Things to Inspire the Artist Within YOU

I just read that 15%  of all Americans are on food stamps. I just taught in Troy Montana and learned that their food bank was in trouble and clearly many people there and other places I have been lately are out of work or worse and last week I heard that the Coeur d'Alene Idaho food bank is  also in trouble. I have to my food bank before I left but now I am planning on writing checks to the two other food banks to share the blessings that I have (jobs teaching and selling books). The thought of others now having enough to eat for their familie's makes me want to share and I am in hopes that by sharing some of the people who are blessed will pass that along to others. No matter where you live, please pass along some of your blessings to others and ask them to pass along their blessings...this surely makes the world a better place for all of us. We are blessed to be a blessing and if you are not sharing your blessings, you are missing out.
Below are some images that I thought you might like and that inspire me and hopefully YOU.
Aren't we lucky that  we can SEE and enjoy the things our eyes can delight in. Such a wonderful thing to discover new ideas through our eyes.
 I love images of women doing different things.
 Turkeys are always something to make us smile and the colors of feathers and the silly way they walk all to delight us along with the taste!
 Freddy Moran had this on her table years ago and I always loved the image of the table cloth, the pottery and the pumpkins....she has such a talent with designing
 One of my most favorite people is Emily who owns Tasuti Zoo one of my most favortie shops! I usually get a photo with her once a year at least-she is kind first off and talented in art second...I admire her wonderful spirit.
 Fower Power quilts continue to inspire these blocks and beginnings of a beautiful quilt....if you don't have the book, you would love doing these....
I have been teaching my wreath class alot lately and it is fun to see what people add on their wreaths to create something wonderful for their holiday (Christmas) walls
 This is my friend Kathy who is working on a Christmas Tree quilt she started in one of my classes...Kathy is extremely talented in quilting and I admire her style and kindness
A nice Atlanta girl offers a photo of her tree as it progresses in class-what fun!
 This is in the Seattle airport and I love the images when I am hurrying off to the next plane gate....
 I am so thankful that now I have time to work on quilts, and work on designs for Timeless Treasures (I LOVE this company). I want to do some bold bright and exciting prints to make wonderful quilts with!
 I am sharing this photo of Freddy's entry hall and my friends Susanne and Jeanne...can you imagine having a tree in your entry? I would love that in my imaginary world....
 Christmas Stars give light and ideas of images for quilts as does this adorable Polish angel....Maybe you might think about these images in a way you could use them for a fabulous quilt or craft of some kind
 Here is a class with my wreath photo....Nice girls who made a wreath of their own and hopefully now, they are done and hanging.


  1. Love the owls with the evergreen trees Mary Lou, I've not been through the Seattle Airport for awhile, will have to look for it the next time I'm around there.

    Looks like you had a creative group on this past trip!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great post with us. You're right about counting our blessings and sharing with others. Here in Boise there are a lot of hurting people who don't have jobs....
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.