Monday, April 9, 2012

And the WINNERS Are....Drum Roll Please.....

So we picked five winnder out of a paper bag and I chose one extra winner that wrote something that was fun for me. Bev wrote the following:
Things Mary Lou Weidman taught me:

Cheddar is the new black (or white),
We all have stories to tell,
It's not necessary to be "matchie upie" to have a great quilt,
Polka dots are the new solids,
Sewing rules are meant to be broken,
Fabric can sparkle, glow and shine,
The world doesn't end if you cut into your stash,
You must have a design wall,
It's okay if people think the sheep you design is a dog,
A masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder, and
Life should be fun!

Thanks Mary Lou!
Cheery wave from Bev
So, Bev send me your address please...AND
the following ladies will all get some fabric in the mail!' Congrats to:
Mary Beth (sent comment April 4th
Connecticut Chronicles
Gayle sent her comment April 5th
Jean Condon sent her comment April 4th
Kim sent her comment April 6th
If each of you will send me your address ( then I will send out your prize.
I wish I could afford to send everyone a prize....keep commenting.
I will be doing this again soon and it will be a surprise as in I am not telling anyone and I will just announce a few winners....FUN.
With the economy the way it is, it is nice to know someone is getting something of value. I am making less money than I ever have and I am watching my fabric hurts! But you will all love what I am mailing out.
    Spring is the time of new life and beautiful colors and smells and happy birds and hopefully people. Open your eyes to the beauty of life and interpret it into a quilt. I am still waiting for my last two people to sign up for the Idaho retreat. We have the rest of the ladies all ready for the fun of that week! I am thinking that we might have everyone wear a fun apron!
Farm Chicks always has people wearing incredible aprons, jackets, hats darling vintage is a riot and we who attend the Mary lou retreat will go to Farm Chicks the day before the creativity and invention begins...GREAT FUN!


  1. I love Bev's comment, we need to post that next to our sewing table;)
    Congratulations to the winners! I am resting today, but getting ready to cut into my stash, time to start using all of the wonderful fabrics I have.


  2. Oh that's me :0)
    I won!
    thank you very much.

    Happy Sewing

  3. The drain on the economy has lasted a long time. . .I too have been watching my quilting budget. It isn't fun and I drool a lot because there are classes and shop hops that I can't afford. But, I do have a stash and I do have playing with what I have. I feel fortunate to be able to create.