Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dana Makes a Great Bike Story Quilt-Super Job Dana!

I got this delightful letter from Bev Dunivent's daughter Dana. Bev is a quilt appraiser and master quilter in her own right and I admire her greatly. It is always fun to have family members do story quilts. I think this quilt is wonderful in many ways...don't you love the flower border in front of the bikes?
Hello Mary Lou,
I took a class from you last year at Road to California long with my mom Beverly Dunivent. I have finally finished the quilt top that I started in class and have it all pinned and ready to quilt. I seem to remember that you do not quilt your own quilts but I am still hoping you can give me some advise. I just don't know where to start on the quilting. I am thinking of just quilting around all the appliques and the border blocks and then doing a little bit of "fancy" free-motion here and there. I'm thinking too much quilting might be distracting and might make the quilt mis-shaped. I am attaching a photo of the top and appreciate any ideas you might have. 
Thank you,
Dana Thompson
-----------My advice would be to make a simple background with some motion around the bikes and quilt around those circles where the flowers are.


  1. I love her piece!
    We love to mountain bike and I was thinking about doing one, but could never wrap my head around it. Love those tires too, nice details and fun quilt.


  2. Lovely job Dana,

    Those bike tires and squirel are amazing!

    Enjoy it for many years to come.

  3. Dana's quilt is really fabulous -- Great design, great colors, great movement. It draws you right into the story. Wonderful.

  4. The detail is great! Each story quilt I see is so unique - thanks for sharing!