Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Necklace Tethers are Great and Look at this Darling tea cozy!

 For many years I have been selling these lovely scissor tethers to my students on the road. Occasionally people order these through my website at Marylouweidman.com
I order them from my friend who has a little craft business that she does summers and when the sunshine is out to help she and her husband (a Vietnam Vet). Her name is Debby Collins and she is very creative and fun and can do anything. You know those people. Her house is adorable...like I said, she can do anything, and she is fun.
 So anyway, I am on the road again and so I ordered 20 necklaces from her to bring to my classes and she sent me this darling tea cozy. I used to make tea cosies to sell when I was one of those craft people who had more supplies than crafts (kind of like being a quilter) and I never kept one. Now I drink tea all day mostly instead of coffee and I need a tea cozy! This is just what I needed and didn't know. Thought you would love seeing this and her necklaces too!
 Love that the tea cozy has red which is my signature color in my kitchen and diningroom.
 And she has apples in green which is my second color
And she has some Fall fabric in there so I can have all of the seasons. Very fun.
A gift for anyone who drinks tea!
Thank you Debbie!
If you would like a necklace (scissor) then write to me and we can arrange to send you one. The multi tethers go with everything and I always sell them to people on the street when I wear them shopping or to quilt shops. They are great and are pretty and functional also. Make great gifts also. they are $28.
You can even go to my website and order a pattern and write in the comments "I don't want the pattern, I want a multi necklace or a blue necklace etc." I can run it through, send you a fat quarter and a Mary Lou pin and send it off to you.


  1. Does you friend have website for things she makes and sells?

  2. love those necklaces and hope you will have some in Tulsa! I'm packed and driving from Texas 5 hours tomorrow to be there for the full Hoochy Mama Experience! I've got a suitcase full of fabrics and hope everything else I need. And another project for the hotel room!

  3. I totally agree. The tea cozy looks delicious. I am inspired to make my own, I think I'll use sunflowers and chickens

  4. I totally agree. The tea cozy looks delicious! I am inspired to make my own, I think I'll use sunflowers and chickens.

  5. What a darling gift....I know you'll treasure it, isn't it nice to have a bit of your friend near all day long?

    Happy Sewing