Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Invention, Prizes, color, fabric and fun!

The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane is coming up along with my Retreat the next day. Plan to come and shop the antiques, collectibles and Cottage, Shabby Chic,old tablecloths, linens,furniture,clothing and everything you can imagine to make you excited about collections and making your house adorable! My schedule is here for June-Marylouweidman.com
 A cute story quilt to check out for fun!
 Whether you know it or not, SPRING is here and so is the hope of  the flowers and birds and colors....and great quilts that portray your love of these-look at these light giver fabrics I use!
NOTICE- if you did a cow quilt you would like to share with a quilt show, write to me. I have two shows that want cow quilts for a complete cow quilt show (that is to say a portion of the show will be all cows)-the cow quilt below is done by Miss Tina who will be our cook for the retreat this year! She is flying in from Cowafornia.....
The cow quilt below is done by Sue Cresse (Cowmen Miranda_
For the cow pattern and great other patterns like the alphabet below and the chicks and cats and flowers and loads of other things, buy this book! If you order from me, you get a fat quarter of great fabric, a pattern and a pin.
Border ready for a story to go in the middle- love the bird don't you?

Here is a hoochy block made with my quilters fabric...so fun and look at the light these fabrics provide!

Keko Goki does some of my favorite quilts and why? Because she doesn't worry that things don't match! How clever is she? And she is not one of those boring "I have to match everything" people-she is inventive and original and she has fun!
Below is how I feel when I do not have time to sew and invent and be with my quilting friends! Can you relate?
We complain about having to carry a sewing machine to class from the car....look at this great woman and she isn't complaining either!
This is a photo of how I feel when I get to sew in Maui or at the ocean at Whidby or Lopez Island or at the lake with friends....I may not look this way but I feel this way and we all do because we are happy, we are creating and we are all positive with invention and friendship!
Thanks to all of you who keep coming in even during Spring when things slow down...I appreciate you.
I have a stack of fabric and will send out five big chunks to five lucky people who I draw from girls who comment here!


  1. That little girl crying says it all....it will take more than a cookie to cheer her up!!!

    Mary Kate Wilde

  2. I am loving this weather, makes me want to create happy spring pieces.
    Will you be doing any more New England shows or classes?


  3. I love the contrast in the flower power quilts! You are inspiring so many people! And boy am I glad I don't have to carry my sewing machine on my head!!!

  4. Hi Mary Lou,
    That girl crying photo reminds me of one of my brother (now 50) who was 2.5 years old sitting on Santa's lap! You could see his tonsils he was crying so hard. It's a family heirloom (so to speak). Love it! Vicky F

  5. Ooooh, Ooooh I love spring, I love spring colors, I love spring smells, I love spring flowers, I love spring fabrics ;-)

  6. I've just had a wonderful look through your blog. It's so happy and bright.

  7. So here I am again...on the correct blog! I am SOOO ready for spring and a good HOT summer - with lots of flowers and butterflies and rainbows! And maybe get my Hawaiian Cow Quilt done! :)

  8. Its autumn for us in the other hemisphere but we can dream of spring. Your blogs are such fun - I would love to join you for one of your classes one day(so far to come tho). In the meantime I will try to get back to working on my flower power quilt.

  9. Things Mary Lou Weidman taught me:

    Cheddar is the new black (or white),
    We all have stories to tell,
    It's not necessary to be "matchie upie" to have a great quilt,
    Polka dots are the new solids,
    Sewing rules are meant to be broken,
    Fabric can sparkle, glow and shine,
    The world doesn't end if you cut into your stash,
    You must have a design wall,
    It's okay if people think the sheep you design is a dog,
    A masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder, and
    Life should be fun!

    Thanks Mary Lou!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  10. What a fun offer Mary Lou, hope I win some and I'll collect at the retreat!

    Hope to have my cow quilt done to bring along to Post Falls for a show and tell. Plan on finishing the lettering maybe this weekend, then sandwich and quilt it quick!

    Great pictures!

  11. You inspire me to get back to work on my story quilt I started in La Conner last spring. Will get it out after
    Easter and get back to applique on the story about my
    Grandma from Florida. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I've tried twice to post...How I so look forward to spring and a good hot summer with lots of bright beautiful summer colors and rainbows!

  13. Woo Hoo, I would love to be a winner so add my name to your drawing! Thanks!
    Connie H (formerly of Cootie Bug blog)

  14. Thank you for all the pretty inspiration! So looking forward to using my hands again to quilt -- waiting for doctors's results next week.

    Hope everyone at the retreat has a wonderful time!

  15. I love these bright fun designs. What to make first? Would love to go the cow exhibits.

  16. Collecting my fabric for the May class in WV! I am so excited - wouldn't it be great if I had some of YOUR stash to put into my story quilt?!

  17. Oh, come to Colorado and teach. I'd love to take one of your classes! (I did just pick up your book, but working with you in person would be so much fun!)

  18. ML I'm with you . . Love. Love. Keko Goki, been lust after her quilt inspiration for years.

  19. I LOVE your photos!! Made me appreciate that the kids are all grown-up!!...haha I needed to have my hearing tested after the eldest turned 6 weeks old!! It was not pretty!!
    Take care and thanks for sharing!!

  20. Love the photos...your blog is always a fun pick me up...enjoying spring weather and getting excited to take your class in WVA in a few weeks. Cleaning up from the children having the stomach flu and being exhausted. Thank you for the colorful pics and chuckles. Needed them today.

  21. Love spring...love reading yoru blog...a happy pick me up. Tired today and cleaning up after the children have had a bout with the stomach bug. Thank you for the chuckle with the photos and the inspiring quit designs. So looking forward to attending your class in WVA in a few weeks! Can't wait!

  22. What fun photos! Thank you for the chuckle! Love the inspiring quilt ideas. Looking forward to participating in your class in a few weeks in WVA~

  23. I left a comment yesterday - not sure what happened to it as it hasn't appeared. I love al the stroy quilts you show. I am still working on my flower power quilt. This inspires me to get back to it.

  24. Hi Mary Lou! I would love to have a chunk of your big ole' stack of fabric! thanks for the give away!

  25. Whew, my spirits are lifted just from the eye candy you provided. I am new to your site but will be back.

    thanks for a chance at the drawing.


  26. I love all your bright colors and such fun quilts.
    Sue~who hopes to take a class with you at Camp Watchapatcher next year.

  27. The photos are great! I really love the woman carrying her sewing machine on her head. What great balance. Thanks for your fabric giveaway! Your fabrics are always so fun! I was working on some letters and they didn't stand out. Now looking at your photo with black as the background really makes them pop! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. So much color and inspiration on your blog! Love it! (and I'd love to win your giveaway)

  29. Love the Hoochy Mama flowers! Can't wait til the workshop in Tulsa in 2 weeks. I'm pulling fabrics.