Friday, May 11, 2012

Cat hanging from Carol in Michigan....

Thought it would be doubly fun to show Carol from Michigan's cat quilt too. She took a workshop from me and came up with this cute wallhanging...don't these cats and hearts make for whimsical and HAPPY fun?
My goodness there are alot of Carol's all of sudden in my quilting life....isn't it fun to hear how popular names crop up? Do you know anyone that is named Mary, Nancy, Linda or Peggy anymore?


  1. That is so cute, love how she made it into a small hanging. I want to do some small pieces, great way to practice my machine quilting.


  2. ML it was so much fun taking classes from you. I love your style and had to make this cat! Now on to making a cow! And yes, I know lots of Mary's. Great name!

  3. I have to share this with you. I saw it on another blog: On Jimmy Fallon tonight:

    Quilts with quotes on them are called

    "blanket statements".

  4. I am one of the other Carols recently in Mary Lou's life and I love cats too. Good job on this cute wall quilt!