Saturday, May 5, 2012

HOOCHY IS A VERB- West Virginia provided alot of FUN & COLOR

 Happy Blocks and a happy class. This is the beginning of my blog about West Virginia and story quilts that were coming along there...stay tuned for more photos....
So this week I was in West Virginia at Cedar Lakes outside of Riley West Virginia. The place is a little piece of heaven with beautiful green lawns, water, huge trees and hundreds of singing birds. We spent five wonderful days together there building story quilts. Today I am showing you the beginning borders and in a few days I am going to show you the drawings that will go into the middle of these girls quilts. There were 21 of us and ALL NICE wonderful and creative girls who go their artists to come out and play. there was alot of sharing and laughing and creating. You girls who signed up for my retreat and workshops in Texas, Asilomar and Idaho Falls will enjoy some of these same techniques.
 One fun night Carol below showed us how to make our own little scrap books for our quilt photos or other ideas...she was a math teacher by profession and now she is an awesome craft teacher- Carol also brought an amazing video of her trip to Antarctic in February...she made this week alot more fun and I got to take "her" class.
 Here Betty is adding a bird to a flower power quilt she made from an earlier class...
 Kim shows off her darking bird...
NOTE-for now if you can't take a class from Mary Lou, buy "Out of the Box" which goes into detail about HOW to do this and tell the world about YOU
 As you can see we had amazing people and results of a fun week!
 Terry Chilco designed this Christmas story quilt- the two snowmen (minus faces) are in my Hoochy Mama book
 LOOK at this donation quilt with the cupcake and blocks! The ice cream cone is in the new book  called Out of the Box with Easy Blocks

Look at the intensity of people hard at work!


  1. What wonderful pictures! You captured the fun and productiveness (is that a word?) of the class. I enjoyed every minute of it. And you are so right, everyone was so nice. It was "almost heaven" to be there! Thanks to you - a great teacher!

  2. Looks like you had a fun creative group of people in West Virginnia.

    Great projects under way. Thanks for sharing Mary Lou.

  3. Almost heaven West Virginia.....looks like a great time! I can't imagine not having a sewing machine and stack of fabric at the ready :0).

    Happy Sewing

  4. It looks like another fun class and lots of happy, smiling ladies.