Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More from Idaho Falls

 Today I went to my mailbox and Mary Beth who was in my West Virginia Cedar Lakes class sent me this wonderful CD! For you girls caught up in the COW Parade frenzy like we are, this is a must's fun and more ideas for COW quilts! Thank you so much Mary Beth for being so thoughtful!
 OK, I am getting old and I can't remember names for the life of me but this lady above was super duper fun many years ago in Capistrano when I got to teach there. Like I said this was many years ago and she sent me this photo of a quilt pattern I used to sell that she made and it shows how far she has come. But I have to say I do love this and the fabrics she chose and how cute she is all of these years later. This lady was oozing with talent...and is teaching now. If you can remember her name please get me off the hook and send it. She belonged to Beach Cities I believe also. AWESOME guild!
While I was in Idaho Falls last week they took me to a great Mexican restaurant-BEST food I have ever had-Arroz Con Pollo and their salsa was fab. Anyway, I took photos of the pretty chairs...look at these quilt ideas ladies~
Below is one of the many benches in Idaho Falls...I thought this one would be a favorite of any me!
 So we started out making freeform blocks and they got right into the spirit and we had alot of fun with great stashes and lots of talk about fabrics and where they are printed etc. I love how we build quilts right on the walls it is so much fun!

 Above was the girls in the Idaho class...I can't believe I got on the floor and actually got up by myself, haha. As you can see we were all happy and the lady in green on the left had the BEST jokes...she told one about "Rose" and I would love to know how it started so I can tell it again! Fun group!
 Below is a great Flower Quilt by the lady who told the jokes, isn't it wonderful?
 I had to show you a photo of Sue, above. She lives an hour from me and she flew to Idaho Falls to take the class...Sue decopaged one of those old cosmetic suitcases all with Mary Englebreit fabric and it was wonderful. She said this summer she is decopaging her bike! How is that for creative? I am sure we will be seeing more of each other this year.
Below is Dee and Linda who are sister in laws and the falls which is fabulous is right behind them
This is a block that Sue made and I wanted it for a certain someone who is still writing to me and wants the world to know I insulted him by calling him a "little man." I don't deny it...
 More great blocks from the class -aren't they fun>
 And still more blocks....pretty and fun and Out of the Box!

I am on my way to Asilomar and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful week and then I get to see some of you at my Idaho retreat! I have tiaras and little surprises for both groups! Take care and say something nice to someone who might need a little sunshine in their life today.
Scroll down to see some great story quilts too!


  1. Wonderful quilts and love the flower quilt, wonderful stitchery on it, too.
    Have fun at your next retreat, seems you are keeping busy this year.


  2. I have good memories of Asilomar with YOU!!! have a great time!