Monday, May 21, 2012

Show and Tell Inspires All of Us to Think What We Could Do in the Future....

Isn't the quilting in this wonderful, colorful quilt great? These quilts are from our show and tell night in West Virginia! Very inspiring for sure!
 These photos are from West Virginia and I always love show and tell. The following photos were take from an evening show and tell. The quilt below have great beads on it and beads with leave buttons hanging on the bottom....very very cool-her etchnique was pieces of both fabric and paper with net over them...aweseome
Lovely piecing on this jacket!
 The colors and quilting on the quilt above were both quite fabulous!
 I loved this quilt with beautiful cheddars in it...naturally and look at it up close!
These two women here are wonderful friends. Terry on the left has known me a long time and she is a wonderful soul and very fun. Marlene took a class a year ago during a time when she was grieving and this year she had good advice for me about back surgery which she has had twice. Isn't her quilt beautiful? I LOVE blue on black!
This quilt is by Kim who had some really great show and tell....Isn't she pretty?

The quilt above was fabulous and I would love to have it...I don't think I would have the patience to make piece at a time- this lady was in the traditional class...not ours....
LOVED this darling quilt with flowers and BUGS!
One of our girls brought this adorable much to say about how wonderful it is!
The same girl did this great poodle quilt! Awesome isn't it???
Here is June with her famous bird all beaded and blinged for this year!
 The quilt above is from the other teacher who was really nice and used to work for Kaye England...she taught traditional quilts and they were awesome, see above....
Carolyn from our class took a Freddy Moran class and she had the hearts and sliced and diced them and then put in drawings her brother (?) did....wonderful and whimsical too!

I had to share this quilt border by Sharon as I thought it was really pretty and great border ideas...
One of the handouts I gave out in class is Two houses and the writing across the top says "Are you IN the box or OUT of the box and you have your choice of making either house- THIS is an out of the box house and wonderful. This girls name started with an "S"-now it is a problem because we had Sandy, a couple of Sharons and another "S" name and it was hard keeping each one my age
Here is her Out of the Box block with her other wonderful blocks...she is fun!

Another OUT of the BOX block by a brand NEW quilter...pretty cool!
I told my hairdresser I want some new color in my hair...note the red and the blong wisps...pretty fun though several people here said they don't recognize me....I don't think it looks that different!
If you have a chance to take a five day workshop someday you will love it, we learn alot, talk alot about art approaches to quilting and some things no other quilt teachers tell you (I don't think they know) and things to think about long after the class is will look at fabric and design in a whole new way....
This is the lady who made the fabulous yellow traditional quilt....she snuggled up during the rest of the show and tell stuff!
I got this darling little animal in the mail today and he is soft and fun and I had to fight my three year old Grandson for it! Guess what he is!
He is a water bootle that stays cool@ Isn't that great? Deborah from the West Virginia class made him. She is pictured above on the left of the ladt that made the yellow traditional quilt!
Thank you Deb for a lovely "Out of the BOX gift! Very fun and Bo kept hugging him while visiting here...very soft too!
It is worth commenting here-read this!
Hi Mary Lou! I received my prize today from your giveaway where I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!! WOOT!

Thank you so much for the generous prize! I love everything! If I had known you gave such good prizes, I would have entered a lot sooner!
My second prize was to see my block on MARY LOU WEIDMAN'S WEBSITE! OMG, I ALMOST FAINTED! I have been a big fan of yours for so long! Thanks so much!
You made my whole entire week! THANKS again!
Cheery wave from
Have a great week friends and count your many blessings...I am getting ready for Asilomar today


  1. What wonderful quilts, so many beautiful pieces.
    Love the comment, you made someone very happy;)
    I still have my laurel burch cats, still trying to decide what I want to make with it, too special to mess up, but I would like to try a cat, art piece with some.


  2. First of all, I love the hair! I'm thinking of getting out of the box with my hair too! Well, maybe... or maybe I should stick with fabric!