Thursday, November 29, 2012


I just read an article about a policeman who bought clean socks and boots for a homeless man.
     This reminded me of a charity thing I have done for years now.
I raise money during the year and at this time of year and buy pajamas for our local homeless mission here. The reason why is because when a homeless many goes there to spend the night, they must shower, change into pajams before bed. Their clothing is taken and volunteers go in and wash, mend, fix or replace their clothing if need be.
We had a minister friend who went in for a week kind of like a secret shopper to live among the homeless and then he did a series of lovely sermons on how they are just like us and how we could easily be homeless except for God's gifts to us.
He also mentioned that they gave him mismatched pajamas that were too small and one of the pieces had a leopard skin print with tools on it. He said it was very humbling to have the homeless laugh when they saw him and how ridiculous he looked.
I felt like it was a tap on my shoulder and I have gotten pajamas every year this time.
    I do not have that much money saved up and so I am offering this month to sell my story quilt book "Out of the Box" for $15. plus shipping to you. The book is normally $30. I pay half of that wholesale.
This would be a good way for me to get more money for more pajamas. It is cold and wet here and I am thankful I do not live in the street.
If you are interested in this book and doing story quilts (my favorite) you may order it through
It will say the charge is $29.99 plus shipping but really since I fill the orders, it will be $15.
And please, if you know someone else who might like this book for half price in December, please tell them. That would mean more pj's and warm souls.
    Merry Christmas friends,
If you have a warm house, food in your cupboards, a warm bed, give thanks for your many blessings. We are so very lucky,
             Mary Lou
NOTE- PAJAMAS would be happily taken here...size large or x large is what they need the most
Get some kleenex and watch this...


  1. I think that is a wonderful idea and I posted a link on my blog tonight.
    I need to finish some quilts I am making but trying to get the christmas things done first, then I can get back to my projects and the charity quilts.


  2. Thank you for sharing the story about the policeman who bought shoes for the homeless man. What a beautiful soul! Our NYPD Officers are truly good people!

    The minister has a beautiful soul too! I already have your book, so may I send you pajamas for your fund?