Thursday, July 18, 2013

"County Fair" challenge for Camp Watch a Patcher....Hooray!

Loved the animals in this wonderful challenge that provided the small flowers pring, the green grass pring and the red print....super...thought that they were all winners!  I am proud of what Pam did with the cow pattern.
The udder on the cow is always the most fun Pam used great buttons all sizes to show it off...isn't this fun? She also took a flower right out of the book to put in there....Look at that quilting! Look at those words...isn't this cool???
fruits and vegies....
All things we love about the fair!
Look at the nice smile on this Pig! Haha.
The California and the quilt below are two separate entires...both great!
The pig below won many is funny and cute and has tons of good tread work on it and the girl who did it is upbeat and postive! A win win....
Happy fabric in the quilt below....
Hey, it is another CUTE cow with COW PIES as it's fun is that? And note the pig flying too!!! Love it with the blue ribbons included
These dimensional flowers were really cute!
Look at the detail below...isn't this a good theme?
Happy and cute clown and those flags are great going across and framing him in! Love his grass patterned hair. It was really fun to go through and look. My camera did something it should not shadowed some of the photos so I could not use them. This gives you an idea of the fabrics and the fun!
On another note, I teach at the John C.Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown and this past spring I taught a story quilt class and Jan got her borders done and they were beautiful and since her husband was working on a peacock, she decided she would too.
So we figured out a good way to do a peacock tale and decorate it and then she said she wanted to use the slogan "we still make things" of John C.Campbell...and she did. This catalogue cover is what came about and on the back of the catalogue is the metal peacock her husband made. If you do not get the catalogue you should, it is awesome! You can just google Joahn C.Campbell and go to their site and sign up! Come and take my class there or one of hundreds of other fun classes!


  1. Cool quilts, love all the pigs, maybe you should design one for us to have fun with Mary Lou.

    The peacock quilt and metal peacock are great. What a creative couple to share their love of discovering new things to do together yet apart.

  2. That is a fun idea for a challenge and wonderful quilts and creative ideas.