Saturday, July 27, 2013

Story Quilts and Other Workshops with Mary Lou-Let's be Happy and Creative!

I am adding fruit to my flower power workshop....there is nothing cooler than fruit....and of coarse Flowers.
Wait until you see what I have cooked up plus Fall will hit us soon and I am working on pumpkins and crows and houses and creativity!
I have a Christmas tree (large) that is almost done for a workshop and of coarse my wonderful wreath which you can do in cotton or wool any size...and get some names and things in there that relate to you.
Hope you consider hiring me and taking workshops from me in the next couple of years before I retire. I think I have a great place for my retreat and it will be on for next June so you can hit Farm Chicks too. Miss Tina will be our chef once more.

I even have several wool projects I love to teach and embellishing goes along with that! SO much fun
Bird and Pineapple and my little mermaid! Mary Lou LOVES wool and all of the things that can be sewn on to it for fun!
Please give your guild or shop owner my name to teach a class or two...I would love to invent and be creative with you...and maybe a laugh or two would not hurt either.
I will be teaching story quilts at Asilomar, My retreat (stay tuned) and also West Virginia Cedar Lakes...hope to help you tell your story there!
Wait until you see my latest there stories which no one has seen yet!
For those four wonderful ladies who sent me a red car on sky colored fabric for my husband's surprise quilt, thank you! You mean so much to me for your kindness...I hope to get enough for a full sized warm quilt for him. The blocks can be any size and need to be any kind of red car on a sky blue background. If you do one, please send it to Mary Lou Weidman-1521 N. Argonne #276-Spokane Valley, WA 99212-2555------
I am leaving town and my brother in law is moving in with his wife for a week to help Mark. I plan to quilt all week long and bring back story quilts to finish up. Next week I am going to show the many postcards and get well wishes people have sent and also the four car blocks will love them! SO much fun!
Thank you sincerely for your cards and kindess and prayers which we cannot buy. You friends are amazing and I am so happy for your support. God blessed me with YOU>


  1. I must have missed the post on the car blocks, sounds like a fun way to help, so i will get my thinking cap on this week. I never got a chance to get a postcard in NH since my trip was cut short due to family complications, lol. I need something else and someone else to think about, so I will work on that and add a postcard from RI.


  2. Cute fruit quilt, I think I'd add some lemon and limes to the mix.

    I also like our wool felt pieces. I wonder what they would look like in felted wool? They would be fun to stitch.