Sunday, July 21, 2013

Story Quilts and This and That.....

I have shown this cow is one of my favorites...Cherise Smith did this when we took a Ruth McDowell class...we took three of them. Ruth is so good and she is funny too and we loved her for a teacher.
Do you know what makes me happy? Birds fro the Flower Power book makes me happy...they are all different and they are so much fun. Imagine a row of these and some flowers below and a great border...would be fabulous to hang it in your livingroom, entry or hallways.....FUN
I am not sure whose quilt this is but I LOVE it! I think that anything organic is so much fun to show off in a quilt and these shapes are gentle and soft and oh so pretty....good for summer and fall!
I don't know who made this quilt. I took photos in Houston and these quilts remind of of story quilts and what I like to serve ...I make killer cinnamon rolls! And I make killer orange rolls too...all from scratch like Grandma did....
This reminds me of the sink in my Aunts house on the farm....always lots of animals to see outdoors and good things to eat on the counter....she was kind of crabby but the atmosphere made me happy just the same....I was of that generation when I was a kid that "children were to be seen and not heard"...glad that is over with because I love hearing from my Grandkids and just kids in their approaches on what they notice...that we don't....
I admire anything that Bodi Gardener does....she does awesome story quilts that I can relate fun! She has never been to the US and I would dearly love to take a class from her (she lives in Copenhaugen)
This flag above is from Stix furniture. If I were a rich person I would buy one of these flags-I think it is beautiful and I have considered doing my own flag as a quilt but you know how long it would take me to applique this? I could do a whole story about our family in that time....Anyhow, it is cool isn't it?
I ran into this photo taken in Sante Fe which is one of my most favorite places in the world....Heidi is standing there with her guy she made and I think he is wonderful in every way. She sent me a box of milagros and Mexican things to use on my quilts. Wow, I have used most of them an loaded down the quilts and small fun! Sante Fe got into my soul somehow and I love going back....Alex on the left became a good friend and we touch base now and then and that is fun.
This was kind of a difficult week for me. My husband has had radiation for two weeks and handfuls of chemotherapy pills. He has Glioblastoma which is a fast growing brain cancer and he is stage four. We have been married 44 years and I think he is wonderful and such a nice person. It is hard seeing him suffer and it is hard wondering if we can pay all of the medical bills. The best blessing is my quilting friends who have sent cards. Mark wanted a red corvette his whole life and when he came out of surgery (they removed a lemon size tumor) he said "I want a red corvette." Anyway, some girls are doing red cars (any kind) on a light blue sky tone on tone background. So far we have four of them. We would like enough to make a quilt for him for when it gets cold. If you feel like you would like to make a block OR send a post card (he loves seeing where people have been or live) please send it to
Mark Weidman
1521 N.Argonne #276
    Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Stay tuned and I am taking photos of the cars and some of the cards people have sent....YOU quilters have blessed me greatly these past few weeks, thank you.


  1. That cow quilt is great, I love to see the finished piece. I've also taken a class with Ruth and enjoyed her humour and sense of colour and design.

    I saw Bodi's quilts in Houston and she has such a wonderful whimsical sense of design, something to aspire to. Thanks for sharing another one of her quilts.

  2. Aww, Mary Lou-I am so sorry. It is harder to watch a loved one suffer than go through it yourself. i have survived a sarcoma and a melanoma but watching Greg in his heart failure was harder by far. Keeping you in my prayers. Love the energy and your transparency. Jehovah Jireh-God will provide.

  3. LOVE your website, Mary Lou. Stay strong for your hubby. It's a tough disease. I know from experience.
    Very sincerely,

  4. What size are the car quilt blocks?

  5. Those are beautiful pieces, love the art pieces too.
    We just got back from a vacation that had to be cut short but I got a few photos that will be nice for future quilts.


  6. I love the cow quilt!
    I've sent Mark a card - not sure how long it will take from the UK!

  7. Bummer! This old cancer and chemo and radiation is hard on everybody involved, I know we are going thru it to with my husband. Thank the Lord for time to keep being creative1 It's what keeps us going, right!

  8. I adore that flag too!!
    Will send a post card today. The blocks got me thinking...the cars could be on a cow and the quilt is called, cow-vette!
    Love the cows. I just finished one from your book.
    Captain A-MOO-ica. In the middle of blogging about it now.

  9. Mary Lou,

    Thank you for your great inspirational post(s). I feel sad for you when I think of your and Mark's life together changing so. It is very hard and you are so strong. I pray for you and your family everyday and know that god will do the right thing always. If anyone I know can get thru this, you can! Love to you from Virginia, Kim

  10. Not sure if you get my comments or not as they don't show up=blessings to you-love the quilts!