Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's a beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

Our friend Sandi Henschel from Canada took this photo at Sisters in front of Laurie Latta's Moody Blues cow. We have a small herd of cows there to tempt people to make more and to share them with us for the shows we have planned. One show will have  30 cows and the other one will have 40! We have big plans for next year and are hoping to do a Cowlander or a new cow book if we can get someone to publish it.
I think it would be awesome to have the over 75 cows in one great colorful place! The cowlander would not have the dates on so you could use it and put your own numbers in to make it a perpetual COWlander...pretty smart huh?
Here is a photo of Mary Lou and Mel and Jean Wells...I have known Jean for many many years and remember taking a class from her when she was making stenciled fabric for her little girls dress's. Her little girl Val is in charge of the whole thing at Sisters along with people who work for them and she has kids of her own now too. Sisters is 38 years old! It is amazing to see all of those people who come every year. Such fun and the cutest little town ever.
Saw this and had to put it on the blog today....red always makes me smile and a red bluse, new shoes or jewelry always make me giddy to this day and that started in 7th grade. I LOVE red ginghal and white polka dots on red....so pretty with a hint of turquoise and yellow or black.
Pam who was the head of Camp Watch a Patcher this year did this adorable cow. It is so cool up close and the details are fab!
Cute face and eyes! If you want the pattern it is in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book" and I will send you an extra fat quarter and a pattern or Mary Lou pin with your order. I appreciate orders as I have to earn a great deal of money to pay for my husband brain cancer care and our daily expenses. I am thinking of doing small kits and selling them. I am not sure how that will work but I will list them here on my blog. Stay tuned.
Colorful udder on the cow right?
Let me say that we appreciate it when you order books from us instead of Amazon. We pay more for our books and we send out little gifts with your purchase. I use this money to pay for things for my family and now I will be using the proceeds for medical bills for Mark. Go to Marylouweidman.com to order please.

My friend Mary Kate from California took four days with me at Camp Watch a Patcher. She decorated her sewing machine with her Granddaughter....is this cute or what? Wish you could have seen it in person.
TOP of machine
There should be some kind of contest for this...I want mine done in Polka dots and gingham and crystals with bling!
This was a gift a couple of months ago from Sandy and for some reason today is a RED and white dot day! Need to think of something fun to sew!
Here is my husband, my Grandson and my Son golfing together last week. If you did not hear my husband has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He is happy and talking like nothing is wrong with him. I went to the dentist today and when I told them, they were all shocked and teary like us. I have insurance until Sept and am trying to decide if I want to get all of the work needed on my teeth while I still have insurance...it is still alot of money. I am praying about it and hey, it isn't that big of a thing in the scheme of things at our house. We are enjoying each other so much and every day with him is a treat. He has been taking radiation and chemo since last week and no complaints. He is tired...but he went for a three hour walk with my daughter yesterday and it is hot! I'd be tired too.
     THANK YOU to those of you who sent postcards...he is thrilled at looking at the places people live and he got three from Australia. He has his little collection on the coffee table to show everyone. Some are funny like an Oklahmoa lady sent a cement blue whale photo and there are lovely photos of sunsets and palm trees on the ocean. I am hoping he keeps getting them. It makes him so happy.
The address is 1521 N.Argonne #276- Spokanne Valley, WA 99206
We would both love to see where YOU live and enjoy the picture. A lady made her own card with Snoppy in a plane and we laughed at that because it was so cute.
     Some people are making red car on a sky blue (light) background tone on tone so that he will have a warm quilt when it gets cold to snuggle up in. He loves RED cars and wanted a corvette he said when he came out of surgery. :0) Haha.
I may have shared this quilt before but isn't this fun? It is called Bovine Intervention. Haha....so many ideas no one has thought of yet....think about what cow you might do....All it takes it 2 a/2 hours and it is simaple and then you add the details!
Just wanted to share some awesome blocks in awesome colors....don't you love these foxglove flowers????
I have always loved with Boly Gardener does with her fabulous quilts. I am longing to make some quilts about Mark and I now for stories....I think I am going to divide a background like this and put a wild border on it and go for it.
I am working on my drawing book seriously because I MUST pull in some money.
I am also going to draw up some basic stories and blow them up quilt size and sell them as patterns. I think this will help with bills and it will be something I can do from home.
Hahaha, I had a dream the other night that I walked out into the yard and Donald Trump was my neighbor. He was holding his wife's hand and he walked over like he knew me and he said "hey, how've you been, I haven't seen you in a while." I looked behind me and he was talkng to me. Haha and then I thought I knew him and started talking about North Carolina and California and quilts. How is that for a weird dream. Didn't ask him for money but that must have been why I had the dream. Haha.
Life is funny and really Mark and I have learned to live for the day and to count God's many blessings. I can see where he has provided friends who call or stop by or know something about taking gingerale or something that helps. :0) My Grandkids have been such a blessing and two of my neighbors well three counting one's husband have said just the right things. One brought us dinner on a sad day and it was delicious and we felt so loved and it turned out that we sat there and talked blessings. My husband is such a nice person.
God taught me a long time ago when my son had cancer that GOOD things always come out of bad things...and there are often more good things. People are what are important and that has been what has blessed us. He has laughed and said how did these quilters know about sending postcards...he doesn't do the internet or computer and he has NO idea what a blog is. He said he was born twenty years to late. NOT me. I loved the 60's and all of that creativity and fun!
So dear friend, hug someone and count your many  blessings and love the people around you. Life is short and being upset over little tif's is not going to help your heart of your health. If you aren't already doing it, make a list of things that blessed you today. Mel bought me some moisture cream for my face and hey, I am so happy to smell it and feel it. Little things make BIG memories.
I love you for visiting here, thank you!


  1. I would love to buy some of your patterns or kits. I just discovered your blog today and it is so much fun. I am praying for you and your husband. If I had cancer, I would drink all the FRESH carrot juice I could swallow every day. I know lots of people who recovered from cancer by doing this. You have probably gotten lots of advice, but do think about trying this one.

    Don't worry about working too much to pay bills. Use this time to enjoy being with your husband. God will provide.

  2. When I was young my older brother would send me postcards from around the world, always loved getting them and still have a few. I will try and remember to get one off and we are heading up to NH on Sunday to spend some time with some of my family, so maybe i can find a fun one from there.


  3. Mary Lou,
    You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. Have you
    started the process for Mark to apply for a disability because he is
    unable to work at this time. It takes a bit of time, but will affect the
    amount of monthly benefit you and he receive from the government
    at this difficult time for him health wise. Also, is he eligible to receive
    unemployment because he was forced to quit his job because of his
    health Sorry to send this on the blog, but thought these things might
    help your financial situation. Our dearest friend fought melanoma for
    4 years and we knew what he and his wife were doing throughout the process..
    Blessings to you both,
    Jan Richards
    student from La Connor, WA class

  4. Prayers for you and Mark. I remember when I heard my husband being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was like a punch in my gut. We cryed and held each other then said "okay now lets begin the fight and put it into Gods hands".

  5. I agree with you 100% on the color red! We are also going thru Chemo here. 3rd time for my husband. I know you agree God is still good even though we have to go thru hard times! Love is being sent your way! Marlynne

  6. Hi Mary Lou,

    It was great seeing you again I'm glad you liked the picture I took of you nd Mel. I ent back later to say bye but you were off checking out the quilts.

    I'm glad Mark is cutting this lawn and walking with your daughter, he has such a wonderful viw on life. I remember him warn me about the blue and yellow trucks on my drive home in June, I think he was talking about the guys he worked with.

    I know you and Mark will go through this next phase with grace and dignity.

    The cows looked wonderful,see you soon. Enjoy you time of creativity.

    Much love to you both.

  7. Thank you for sharing the Fantasti-COW-l cow quilts from Sisters - that must have been a moooving experience?!?

    Thank you, too, for sharing Mark's progress. We continue to pray for you and your family. God will provide is easy to say, but hard to do. I know you both will prevail.

    Have to find more postcards for Mark - funny ones this time;-}

  8. You and Mark are in my thoughts everyday! Laughter is the "best" medicine and I hope that you continue to enjoy the lighter side of life during this period in your lives. Jan had a couple of good suggestions, especially the one about unemployment benefits if he qualifies. Doesn't take long to apply and it can help you make it through. At least, make a call to see and if he's not already drawing social security get that started as well. Blessings on you both! Cindy in Arkansas

  9. Thank you for the update. Prayers and hugs are with you. I saw the cows in Chicago, and had to take a picture of each. They are so wonderful. The creativity if fabulous. They do put a smile on your face!