Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Worry and Being thankful -Happy 4th...

This is a photo of my girls and I. Two daughter's on each side of me and my daughter in law on the end. I am thankful for them. It was my daughter;s birthday and we went out for dinner and enjoying being together again.
One of my favorite flag paintings for 4th of July....

This is a nice mantra because I am finding that we do not know how many today's we have together. I said to my husband "hey, let's try to have fun instead of worrying OK? He said it sounded good to him but I am not sure if he can do it. He said he is happy that brain cancer has come to him instead of the kids or Grandkids. His attitude is "why not me?" But he has to feel cheated since he was working so hard to retire and enjoy life. One thing he wanted to do is drive through the midwest and East for some older cities with history. That would be fun and if he can, then I hope we can go and enjoy it together. I want to tell him every single day how much I love him. I used to take that sort of forgranted but it is so important now. We have been married 44 years and that is alot of memories.
Kathy Collins and Mari Linfesty figured out the measurements for a 3/4 COW. Kathy did a Vegie cow with these and Mari did this cow quilt called "BOVINE Intervention." It still need the eyes and quilting but I LOVE clever isn't it?
If you haven't done a cow you are missing out! Easy and fun and so many cow ideas stemming from the words "beef, cow, moo, bovine, calf. dairy, veal etc."
Just think of the theme and make the cow and joila! Brillant quilt!
The pattern is in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks Book. By Mel McFarland and myself.
Yes! Everyone has a nitch or a gift and this is God given. Many people do not realize that you have a one of a kind gift that can be developed and shared. Fugure out what your gift is and make it your goal to give it away to those who need it.
Isn't this photo inspiring? Can you imagine the quilt you could make using this as an inspiration? Another thing that God created and it is there for us to enjoy every night and we just kind of ignore it most of the time....think about it, the sky is amazing! Stas, sun, moon, clouds! And we don't take time to look!
The entrance into my is a happy place filled with happy beautiful things if you take the time to look close....makes me happy back there!
This says it all. You know how we always ask God for this and that when things go wrong etc? How often do we thank God for the good things that He is happy He gave us? Clean water, lotion for our skin, a warm breeze, rain noises on a roof, watching a butterfly in a garden play, listening to kids laughter, food in the refrigerator, shoes for summer and winter, being able to bend and not be in pain, lifting something for you or someone that need help, being able to walk. the priveledge of hearing, seeing, touching, chewing.
Someone who shares something with you, a stranger who holds the door or says something nice, or smiles. A parking place that is a good one. There are so many many things we take forgranted and don't ever thank God for but we will gripe about what we need or want or what is wrong with such and such or so and so. Poor God....seriously, to be talked to all day long wanting things...and shallow things...things we don't need. Thankfully He gives us what He does for our own good.
God says "My ways are not your ways." I am so relieved when I read this because I know I cannot even try to think of God's ways and you look at the HUGE sky and think "He created all of this" and then you think "why would anyone think they can speak for God and think they know who will make it to heaven and who won't ." It is wonderful that God is the judge and not us. Another thing I am thankful for.
     My prayer this week is that my husband will not suffer, that I can pray and help others through my prayers, that I can enjoy my cousin who is here from Mozambique, that my husband will be safe and happy while I am gone teaching. He has many family members who want to take him to his appointments and I pray he is happy and not afraid.
     And I am praying that you will be blessed this week and if you live in the US that you will be thankful for our soldiers of many generations who made sure we can celebrate and be happy. We are blessed and the Bible says that God blesses YOU to be a blessing!
So have a wonderful week won't you? and bless others along the way.
LOVE to you, Mary Lou


  1. Your post (and your being) is so incredibly beautiful. You, your husband and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Barbara W. Rabinowitz

  2. You are a blessing too! You know, we all are terminal. We just forget it most of the time. No-one knows when their life on this earth in this body will be over. My son does brain surgery and he said that everyone has aneurisms in their brain but they don't burst in most of us. You are right about enjoying all the wonders of this earthly life. I pray for you guys every day. Love to you! Bev

  3. Dear Mary Lou-your daughters sure look like you. I am so looking forward to your class on Monday. I have been working hard on my "Your Love is Moosic to my Ears" and am so enjoying the work-I'll bring a picture to show you. I am praying that you will not feel the separation pangs while you are with us in Cali. Blessings to you, Mary Lou-today and throughout this journey you are on. So thankful that we serve a loving God who comforts us when we walk those rocky roads.

  4. With being sick for the last few years, I have really learned to be grateful for the little things and the blessings that I do have. When I sit on the porch and a hummingbird hovers over me, a butterfly or a cool breeze on a hot day, so many things around us that fill us with joy if we just stop and notice. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and many blessings in the coming days.


  5. Mary Lou, what a lovely picture of you and your girls at dinner.

    You always find some of the most inspirational pictures to share and lovely thoughts.

    Enjoy your day to the maximum and drink in it all.

  6. thinking of you....such wonderful words you wrote.

    Judy Higgins

  7. Thank you Mary Lou for reminding us of our many blessings. Thank you for sharing all the inspirational pictures and sayings - you always find the best and most perfect ones for each day.

    We continue to pray for you and your husband, as well as all the service men and women and their families. Hope you and your family are enjoying this holiday weekend!

  8. As a knot appears unexpectedly in a thread, so disappointment blocks the smoothness of life. If a few deft strokes can untangle the skein, life continues evenly. But if it cannont be corrected, then it must be quietly woven into the design. Thus the finished piece can still be beatiful--though not perfect as planned.
    God be with you...from a quilter

  9. So often this year I have been reminded of this....."Chose Joy". And so I try everyday in ways I was missing. Prayers for you and your family.

  10. Lovely photo of you and your daughters and daughter-in-law. You always have something uplifting to say. Keeping you and your husband and family in my prayers. Enjoy each day. Regards, Nessie