Friday, December 13, 2013

Making New Friends (Martina) and Christmas Eating in Europe a FANTASTIC Adventure! Coming home to Love

I thought that this darling boy with fresh bread in France was one of the neatest signs I have ever seen. Everything about it is wonderful.
One of the best things about visiting Heidelberg is meeting a Quilting friend who is wonderful in everyway. Here is Candy Woods who traveled with me and Martina. Martina wrote to ask if we could meet and I wasnt cute because I really didn't know the schedule in Heidelberg...then I found out we could. She gave me a darling "smoker" nutcracker type toy that my Grandchildren are enchanted with. I am so happy to have met her and have invited her to come and visit the US. The four of us girls are sending her fabric that is bright as she says it is hard to find there. We have an abundance and love to share with such a nice girl.
I am holding the beautiful pink wrapping she gave me with the gift in it.
I love it for a treat once in awhile here in town. This dish is from a Department store in Switzerland. It is a bread bottom, with delicious cheese potatoes, ham and herbs. Not for weight watchers but sensational all the same. 
 In Germnay there is a Brandy that is wonderful. They soak a sugar cube with the brandy and a bit more and light it on fire, then the sugar carmelizes and they pour hot coffee and milk over it and add sugar sprinkles. It is delicious. Really. In this restaurant they serve it with checkerboard cookies. This was wonderful for me as my Swedish Grandmother made these every year and I had forgotten. I am making them next week. Will post the delicious recipe.
 This was a beef dish at a lovely restaurant in Baden Baden. What a lovely area that is! Friendly people and lovely buildings and good shopping.
Dried Fruits and nuts of every kind!
 More of those delicious pastries...and I do mean delicious.
 These are jars of goose and vegetables or pork and vegetables...I guess it is their version of Campbells soup only richer. I saw many people buying these.
Here is Molly with loaves of bread that were about five or six feet long! They took them and cut a chunk and sold them. They must have a HUGE oven! Delisious bread, naturally, German's have fabulous breads and pastries and well, everything they do is delicious. 
So, I thought the cakes and pastries in this Switzerland shop were amazing! 
Lovely melt in your mouth chocolates in Europe....unbeilieable to your mouth. SO smooth and never ever waxy. 
The photo above is of all kinds of chocolate with all kinds of toppings and and decadent!  
Ber you would never guess that the candy above is licorace. Isn't it pretty?
Here are the four of us ready to eat and talk quilts and images and ideas in a beautiful city in Germany.
How do you like the I Love YOU bus? This was taken in Basel Switzerland. A wonderful city with wonderful shops and people.
This was a dream trip for me and made me so appreciate Europe and it's wonderful people, beauty, clean clean cities, lovely way they dress, darling children, friendly people who ask "where are you from?" and they help you with luggage and they are just all together wonderful. SO nice to get to know the people in other parts of the world. I have to say that more than once I saw people from where I live acting rudely. Sigh.
We all agreed that we could all get along well if there were no politicians.
I loved seeing the laughter, the smiling faces, the sharing, the caring, the kindess and everyone having so much fun sharing in the many Christmas Markets. We lost count on just how many we attended.
Christmas is a happy time of year for people all over the world.
I am bringing some of this happiness home to my little house and my husband who missed me. And I missed him too.


  1. I enjoyed your lovely trip through your words and pictures. I'm sure there will be more to come in the story quilts the trip will inspire!

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing all the happiness of Christmas in Europe and getting to meet your new friends. It looks just so wonderful!

  3. Mercy! I know I've gained weight just looking at the photos of all of that amazing food. The pictures have certainly made me ready for lunch.

    What a glorious trip you had and I thank you for taking us along!

    I'd vote the selfish, greedy politicians outtta here in a heartbeat.

    All the best to you and Mark!


  4. It all looks so wonderful ! Thank you for sharing ;-)