Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Whimsical Cats for a Sweet Baby in the New year by C.Julie Malone & Other Great Quilts

I had to share this adorable baby quilt by C.Julie Malone. She took the Kitty pattern out of the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book and made this adorable quilt. I love the whimsy and the fun and how different each cat is.  My favorite is the lime green one. Haha.
These are fun and easy to make and she did a super job. This is so much fun to share! Great job Julie!
Carol Simpson did this cute original quilt by using the cats in the book...I love it, so happy!
Here is another cat quilt that was started on a cruise with Mary Lou
Would be cute to put this cat in a quilt...all she needs is a fun face to the side...
Speaking of cat quilts I like this one that I did about out cat in the garden. My kids wanted her to be purple...and hey, she turned out great
The quilt above has a yellow cat upside down trying to catch a fish....this quilt is called McGregor's Garden and is about my Grandson Mac-we put his favorite dog Betty in too
This was a cat quilt I did for Quilter's Alliance and it was auctionedf off and my friend del Thomas bought it. It was such a nice surprise that she ended up with it that it makes me blush.
Cats go good in story quilts just like dogs.
Do you have a story about a dog or a cat in your life? Why not put this into a great story quilt?
They are great fun and people LOVE seeing them.


  1. That is a such a fun quilt and wonderful for a baby or toddler.


  2. What a fun quilt. Great job, Julie!