Thursday, December 12, 2013

Europe provides New friends, Laughter, Glugwine and great food and sites!!!

Above is food for sale at the Market...cookies and candies for sale are everywhere!
This past 12 days I have been in Europe.
I left on Thanksgiving. Normally now with my husband who is ill, I would never be able to go. But almost three years ago I started paying on this trip and in two years it was paid for.  My hsuabdn wanted me to go and it was hard anyway to find someone who could come up with all of the cash at the last minute. I did not know if I could have a good time but it was so wonderful and the emphasis of all of this is on Christ's birthday and that made it all the more happy. I was lucky and went with three good friends who like to laugh, are interested in design and ideas and color and who enjoy people like I do. We had alot of laughing and sharing and enjoying every single minute.
It is 3:30 am now and I have been up since midnight because I am on the wrong time zone. I have to get it switched around for all of the housework I need to do!
Below is the most wonderful cathedral in Colgne. They say it was not bombed during the war because it was a landmark. I am so glad because it is wonderful. Europe is charming because it as the mix of old and new.
This gives you a little idea of the people around the beautiful cathedral and going into the Christmas Market. It is funny to see such a OLD building and Mickey Mouse in the photo.
What a welcome into this beautiful Christmas Market
The lights in front of the Cathedral were fantastic and made the whole experience even more beautiful.
Lights were everywhere and on everything....we don't have anything quite as spectacular, I don't think.
Here are three of us in this little train going off to another Market. There were twn in Cologne...we made it to five or six of them....
Gnome Market and the top of a nice little booth.
We loved this market below because the theme was gnomes and they were so adorable! We bought a darling one to bring home in another city. I brought a nice mug with one of the gnomes on it. Fun! Eurpean's love gnomes and faries and good witches
Below are my gal pals that shared this wonderful experience. Molly, Tina and Candy. We all agreed it was the trip of a lifetime and for a designer it was over the top! Here they are standing in front of just one of the many markets in Cologne. Look at the fabulous Cathedral in the background. It was started in 400 ad...and it is HUGE with many many fabulous stain glass windows and scultures....I was so inspired to see God lives in such a beautiful place in Cologne.
I thought the moss on the roof of this darling booth was wonderful. Each booth was decorated to the nines and all had fabulous things for sale and happy happy people. I took so many photos. I had a smile on my face the entire time.
Hungry anyone- food, food, food everywhere and delicious. The Germans really know how to eat and rink! My goodness Glugwine is every ten steops and hundreds of people are drinking it. It was not my favorite. My Grandmother from Sweden would make it for holidays. Spicy and sweet. I chose hotchocolate when I could. Each beautiful Market has their own destinctive mug that has a picture painted on it to match the theme of the market. I came home with eight mugs and left two glasses in the hotel room.
Delicious strudels for sale...all kinds!
If you like Pretzels, this is YOUR place! Germans' make great breads, pretzels and pastries...and their brots and sauerkraut is amazing!
I took the pig (named Piggy) that the Grandkids all sleep with. I thought photos of him would make them smile. Here Piggy waits in the room for us to come back.
The dearest angels are everywhere in Europe. I LOVE angels as most of you know.
I plan to do an angel wreath or tree. I am going to be doing a series of patterns of Christmas trees (German, toys and othe themes) and wreaths in both cotton and wool and other fun surprises. I will start teaching this next year.
I am going to add more later on this week with a couple of nice recipes from Europe that are delicious. I tried them!
Thank you for visiting and ordering my books. I am glad to be home and in touch with you again.


  1. Welcome home! Thank you for sharing all the great photos and experiences of your trip! I'm sure there will be more stories to come and I look forward to reading them.

    Please get some sleep now - there's lots to do before Christmas!

  2. Thank you so much for the photo-tour of Germany--my DH and I went 24 yrs ago and before that my DH was stationed in Suttgarte in the Army Band--so he was there when the Wall went up and we were there when the Wall came down. What a beautiful country--Glad you are enjoying your tour...hugs, Julierose P.S. my Dh loves cows and thinks they are funny--looks like a cow quilt is in my future,,,,LOL

  3. It looks line you are having an amazing trip, Mary Lou, I am so happy that you got to go! I have never been to a German Christmas Market, but they look so beautiful!

  4. Welcome home!!! I hope you get used to being back in your own timezone and can sleep the night thru soon. For now, sleep when you need to.

    Cheers that you were able to go on this amazing trip and that others were there on the home front to be there for Mark. Bless Mark's heart and other parts that he encouraged you to go.

    My goodness! The photos are amazing and those colors and joy-joy wares certainly floated your creative boat!!

    My Christmas sewing calls so I'd better get to it.


  5. Mary Lou you nevertheless disappoint me with your fabulous pictures. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos of your trip.

    I love that you took pig along and dressed him up for the grand children.

    Waiting for the next group of pictures!

  6. I love Europe and have had the great blessing of going 3x, 1x with Greg and 2x with girlfriends. Thank-you for sharing your travels with us. One of the trips I took was like yours-paid for in advance and Greg got very sick with his heart. I felt guilty going but in retrospect-the 2 weeks of art galleries, walking, and friendship got me through the heart transplant he had just a few months later-it refreshed my soul and spirit as well as my body. Blessings to you today as your body retimes itself!

  7. Thanks for the tour! I love visiting the world via Blogger Buddy.


  8. I am glad you decided to go, it is the trip of a lifetime and a good way to recharge yourself and your creativity. I am sure your husband will love seeing the photos and hearing about your trip when you get home.


  9. What a wonderful time to visit Koln, during the Christmas season. We were there in the summer, which was beautiful but i'm sure the lights must have been magnificent. The cathedral is beautiful and huge and right near the train station. Can't wait to see what you come up with your traveling inspirations. Best wishes!