Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mary Lou's Delicious Sandwich Recipe for the Holidays and Color, Crowds and FUN in Europe!

I love the design of the suckers above and the gnomes below.
Colorful goods from all over the world...including some cheap stuff from China which we avoided.
I thought his Santa was especially fun!
Here we have fun with being elves and Tina gets to point us out....
I loved this idea of the stump and the table top like a mushroom. They had a special place for children to make gingerbread, roast marshmallows, a little house where a large German man read stories (wonderful voice!), made silver tree trimming, and other wonderful crafts, many!
Two pretty German ladies selling face bowls
Beautiful blues
Even stores could be fabulously colored...I especially loved this "shared of lime green" store.
Loved the charm of the rides for the children
This could hurt if you sat on it but it was original don't you think?
Here I meet a  French Man...I had to tell him I was married. He just stood there.
I think this was an evening where glugwine might have been the beverage of the night. We bought fresh hot pretzels, cheeses, grapes and fruits, wine and it might have been the best meal right there in our hotel as we shared and laughed. We all said we were overwhelmed at the color, the decorations and the nice people.
This was Rina's first breakfast in Cologne hotel...lots of meats, cheeses, musli, fruits and vegetables.
If you needed mittens in Germany, they were there!
Thie light were beautiful in Baden Baden and the nice thing is that every house and building is decorated to the nines and I love the many Nativity scenes around each city.
Sheesh look at the crowds you have to make it through in Germany to shop...lots of people drinking glugwine and kind of pushy in Cologne. though many were having lots of fun and were friendly and fun! No one cared where you were fun, we were all having Christmas fun together! Have this old and beautiful Cathedral in the background was so inspirational and made me praise God for being in such a beautiful place.
Mary Lou's Holiday Sandwich
One loaf of French Bread
slice through the middle end to end.
Now take one round of kielbases sausage (cut into small rounds like coins) and in a fry pan brown the sausage with two large yellow onions, one green pepper and one red pepper, add a little pepper and a small pinch of caraway seeds.
Brown all of this together until sausage is cooked through a browned and the rest is carmelized (I cook this on a low/medium heat).
Once this is almost done add two cups of sauerkraut and a 1/4 cup of reisling wine and a pinch of brown sugar. Cook off the moisture and set aside.
Now spread some shredded or sliced emmentaler cheese on the bottom of the French bread (about one cup (ish), then put the sausage mixture on top and then top with 1/2 cup sharp cheddar and 3/4 cup mozzarella mixed. now wrap the whole thing in foil well (tight) and put it in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Serve with a good salad and something cold to drink.
This is one of my family's favorite meals in the winter.


  1. What a fun place to visit and so much color and art, I know you are loving it and gathering new ideas for quilts.


  2. Looks like you are having a great time. The vibrant colors are great!

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing more great photos and stories of your great adventure! Looks so wonderful.... sigh...

  4. Oh I did enjoy! Darling Red & White Polka Dot Stump Stool Too!