Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is Over for another year....

I took this photo in an airport while waiting for my plane. This woman made me think of how it feels when Christmas is over. This is how I feel today....phew. By the way, I have NO idea who this woman is but I am pretty sure after her conversation that she is not a quilter.
We do not buy alot for this holiday but we do DO alot and I worry about getting something my Grandchildren will like. We only buy for the children and in years past made an ornament for the adult we picked on a piece of paper in a bag. I miss this and am going to suggest we start this again.
     Here is Piggy after all of the attention and festivities...she feels the same as the airport lady.
I have been thinking about New year's promises...and I want to start in with fresh vegies etc. Rick Warren (who I greatly admire) has a new co-authored book called something like the "Daniel Fast". There have been many authors who have written about this from the book of Daniel. It basically calls for fresh things that are not packaged that God made...vegetables, fruits and grains. My heart Doctor told me a few years ago that "how you treat your body today will be how you feel in ten years." I think about this often and today with achey back, knees etc., I am thinking I need to work towards the next ten years. you know?
So here below is how I ate in Europe. The fruits and vegies were there but the cheeses, breads, pastries, delicious meats and hot chocolate (fab) and wines were there too.
Breakfast for Tina...They also served hot croissants, beautiful vegetables and fruits and fruit juices...
Cookies of all kinds and tastes....
A vegetarian mushroom torte I had...wonderful. They do amazing things with mushrooms!
Delicious pretzels of all kinds...savory and sweet
Cakes with gruits and berries...beautiful!

Above was a beef dish one of the girls had
These filled beignets were choice was always berry
A little snack on the boat....very good
More good little sweets
The cheeses above were all melt in your mouth...they were flavored with vegetables like peppers, beets,pistachio...and they did just make your mouth water they were so delicious....
Fruits and nuts of every kind...beautiful!
Here are the four of us toasting a little lunch with a thin pizza like bread with cheese and pear and hazelnuts.... Great fun....boy do I stand out in red or what????
I have to share this adorable pin that was a gift from Molly a couple of years ago...isn't he fun? Made of zippers and wool. I love anything happy that can be mixed with Christmas. Lots of German people smiled when they saw this.
These loaves of bread were five to six feet long! They cut them up and sold pieces of the loaf...can you imagine the oven? They smelled wonderful and were so much fun to see!
Isn't it amazing how every where in the world people have different things for holidays or celebrations?
    I am sometimes happy with a little bowl of soup and a few crackers with some grapes...and other times I want a little more. How about you?


  1. I do like Rick Warren too and have read his books, really helps us to put things in perspective. I have a special allergy diet, so I have to eat fresh and home made, but I do miss cheese and pizza, lol.


  2. Thanks for all the great food pictures today Mary Lou! It's best to get all the calories in before the New Year begins, right? Such lovely foods! The smaller portions help me realize it's better to enjoy the taste of just one bite.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas with your family!

  3. Lovely food pictures Mary Lou, and a great picture of all of you on your trip. I LOVE the zipper snowman pin. I may have to play around and try and make a variation.

  4. I lived in Germany for several years and around the holidays I miss it!

  5. Good friends, lovely sights and wonderful food, what a great trip!