Monday, July 21, 2014

Birds from Flower Book for Swaps and GREAT Quilts

As many of you know I have had a block swap group for years and we are back to trading birds with each other. Flower Power (my book) has lots of fun ideas for birds and bugs. I think that the birds I made above are my most favorite and I am making a whole quilt of these for workshops for guilds and cruises. They are easy and fun and you don't know what the bird will looks like until she is done! The blocks below were made by girlfriends in the swap. I have to find out who made which one. There are a dozen of us making birds. This will make for more fun quilts!

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  1. Those are really fun and a great idea to use with fun fabrics, opens up a world of possibilities.


  2. Fun Birds! Can't wait to get my feathered friends. Your swaps are the best Mary Lou!!

  3. How fun are those birds! By the way I used one of your books for inspiration today!

  4. These birds look wonderful. So many different looks according to fabric choices.