Sunday, July 6, 2014

Teaching at the Utah Guild's Conference in September or Your Guild if You Wish-Plus Block Swap group, look at this Kaffe place ! GREAT fun for all of us!

Class 1
FLOWER POWER class- class shows how to do easy piecing technique with flowers as it's subject. Join us for Flowers, Pots, Vases, and Happy critter ideas!  Fun and easy and creates lots of giggles and "hey look at what I did!" Great for gifts, Grand daughter's quilts and quilts or wallhangings for your own house. I love making these! SO fun!

Class 2
Easy Piecing for Original, quick and fun quilts! If your quilts look like everyone else's perhaps you want to stretch and see how you can create your own fun, original and unique quilts. This method lets you create a baby quilt in one day and they are wonderful. These blocks are kind of like p-nuts and once you get the hang of the easy piecing method you are off and running for quilts, wallhangings, runners and great gifts.See another sample at -the background quilt on black is an Easy Piecing quilt
I have added a students work here too for fun!

Class 3

Autumn Winds- this workshop is an easy and fun way to practice piecing Fall things that make the season happy. Class shows simple technique that is easy and fun. The magic is that you don't really know what your block will look like until it is complete and it makes you your own designer and gives you creative power.  This is your chance to make an "original" and fun Autumn quilt for your entry, a gift or a hanging for anywhere in your home.
Above- I am working on appliqued leaves (you may fuse) for the pumpkin with arrow through it below the Autumn sign- Fun! and below is some of the things that makes this workshop so fun!

 Class will discuss your fabric stash and what you may not know that could make your projects better.
Pumpkins, gourds, owls, crows, leaves, feathers, pears apples and grapes and other things that are fun for Autumn themed quilts, runners and wallhangings.
I will be handing out a handout that shows how to do lettering and the word Autumn. Words create drama and also fun.
If you cannot make this event, you might want to book any of these classes for your own guild or workshops. Learn techniques and color and what is wrong with your fabric stash....all fun and light 
I thought the prices here were better thanks to my friend Bert from Rice, WA. If you are in my block swap group here is where you can find a better deal!

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