Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Colorful,Cool, Cowmedic COWS-they just keep popping up everywhere- Have you done one???

Fifi the cow is now complete! She was started by Kathleen below in my Asilomar workshop this spring. Isn't she magnifique!? Mel and I are hoping she is about to join the Cow Parade!

Rebecca from Nebraska has long done my kind of stuff and I love her choices of color and design-she is a wonderful quilter. Here is her Hoffman challenge for this year. FUN

Below is Lorraine's quilt -she lives in California and she is awesome and talented and fun and BUSY, always joining, taking classes, taking care of many animals and signing up here and there. This quilt was started in an orange county workshop. I love Lorraine's choice of color and design don't you? She came to the workshop on fire! So to speak....
Below is Lorraine's buddy and our favorite California quilter Pam Dransfeldt! Pam's middle name is Joy-really her middle name is JOY. This is a Christmas memory as she got a purple cow for Christmas one year...fun right?
Below is Mel's new Cow- she has done at least six-they are addictive! Really! This is the MOOterhorn quilt for Switzerland, haha. Great isn't it?

Below is a quick photo of me and Mel in Sister's Oregon by the cow display- great fun and lots of nice gals. The cow pattern is in our book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks-" Available here- Marylouweidman.com
Don't the Cows look great against this clock shop?
Below is a close up of Lorraine's Cow quilt from my workshop
Stephanie did this cow before she came to take the cow class in Arlington (Smokey Point, Wa) at Aunt Mary=s. I will be teaching there in February- some and join us please
Terry Jones LOVES  babies- one boy and one girl....isn't this great? She always knows how to change the cow pattern to be loads of fun!
 Below is a Christmas COW by Wendy who is alot of fun and did a great job! Mel has about 65 to 75 cow quilts right now that are always traveling. We require postage for the quilts and sales of a certain amount of the cow books. Everyone loves these COWS and they always bring more ideas and fun for people who haven't tried them yet!
My friend Mari Linfesty who I have known for years and years did this fun quilt called Bovine Intervention. Pretty clever I'd say! Pieced border is great too! Mari is alot of fun
Below is my buddy Michele who many of you may know. We always connect when we are both at Sisters-she is a doll!

Here I am standing in the HOT heat talking to quilting friends! Fun day with Mel
Below is a darling close up of Kathy Collins Vegie quilt....fun to see it hang and close up too- cool background

Close up of the Vegie quilt by Kathy Collins 
And below people crowd in to take many photos of the cows as they smile and laugh, very fun!

Two fun quilts by Terry and Sandi- brought lots of smiles and close up looks!  
I grabbed these two and asked for a photo-he asked why? I said they were the most FUN thing at the show- she was really cute and she made the outfits
 The quilt below had loads of people pointing and laughing. It is so clever and many pig lovers thought it was expecially wonderful! Barb Lambrecht is very clever! And a great quilter too!

Below is the Art DeCOW quilt that my dear neighbor Connie made- such fun! And it has lots of vintage jewelry on it too!
I hope you enjoyed this cow show- I have a cow from Dwighta to show you and some others that I will post soon. If you have not made a cow think about making one! We have an offer from a publisher to make a COW book- will be super fun and have lots of color in it!
 Thought I would share the humor too- the last one really made me laugh and a guy I went to high school with commented that it is probably GAS powered. Please comment on the cows if you love them like I do!
The cow is on the hood of the car because it is way below Zero and it is cold, haha

Have a wonderful week and count your many blessings!


  1. When I count my blessings, I count you too Mary Lou! Thank you for all the cow inspirations today!

  2. Those are GREAT! I especially love the Paris cow with little Eiffel Towers hanging under her udder! They are all so clever! XO

  3. Great pictures Mary Lou, it was a fun albeit hot time in Sisters this year. I love the smiles and laughter that they always bring along with them.

    The new additions to the herd are amazing. Congrats on the interest in a Cow book and maybe Cow Calendar. Maybe it will rival the one that Sisters did.

  4. Great photos of the cows in Sisters. How fun! That show is on my bucket list! I love Lorraine's Cow!

  5. Love the cows! Always enjoy reading your blog!
    Mary Beth in VA

  6. Those are such fun cow quilts, love all the different touches that each person added to make it their own.


  7. Love the new cows! I want to make another one, but alas I have a guild show and nieces wedding to prepare for first. Just to ease your senior moment; the baby quilts are mine. Love to you, Mary Lou! Terri