Friday, July 4, 2014

Happiest 4th of July to Everyone

Happy 4th everyone! Love our colors and country!
This is a story about my son who participated in Iron Man last weekend. Some of you asked where to find this to see what the television wrote. Meredith Viera's son was the interviewer. For those that take the time to watch this, it wasn't to be. The weather was cold and had huge winds. Out of 2500 people who competed 600 didn't make it. Many people gave up as the water was ice cold and choppy. Jason went in and swam with horrible leg cramps and he completed the swim but was ten minutes too late and could not go on. Now he is trying to decide when the next Iron man will be so he can try again. If you watched this, you heard Gabe say that Jason's family would be crying and boy were we but not at the running finish line. Jason kept apologizing to everyone and said he knew his Dad was disappointed. We all told him he WAS an iron man for what he had endured. Now we are waiting to see what will happen with this saga. This was a really bad year for our whole family as my daughter has also been going through a sad divorce for over a year and we are hoping that next year will be great and everything happy. Is that too much to ask? Maybe, but I have had enough drama for a long time. Though I do count my many blessings every single day.
Love the quilt above! and below this is how I feel about YOU!
This is the truth!


  1. That is a shame, the weather messed up a lot of plans for todays festivities. We got downpours and wind but not is is just wind, so hopefully we can enjoy the rest of the weekend. Drama seems to be a part of our lives, more so for some of us, but your positive attitude and joyful spirit is an inspiration to so many.


  2. You have definitely had your share lately. Let's hope it's all good news from here on out. Hugs!

  3. Espero que este año venga cargado de felicidad para toda la familia.
    Un besazo

  4. So sad to learn about the weather messing up the Iron Man race - hope your son recovered well and is thinking about his next race. Surely his Dad is proud of him, no matter what the outcome!

    Yes, this has been a really hard year for you and your family. I pray the Lord has many blessings to come for you all in the coming years.